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Rapid Prototype Design in E-commerce: The Game Changer in Today's Fast-Paced World

In the ever-changing and dynamic landscape of e-commerce, where fierce competition and rapidly evolving consumer expectations prevail, businesses must embrace agility and foster innovation. Rapid prototype design is one of the most effective methods to achieve this desired level of agility.

Order Abandonment Minimization

Order Abandonment, sometimes known as Shopping Card Abandonment, is when a customer spends time on an e-commerce website, looks around, begins making a purchase and then abandons it at the last minute. It is not absolutely clear that shopping card abandonment suggests loss of orders because there are other factors that can drive a customer to discontinue the action. What is somewhat ambiguous, and therefore potentially frustrating, is that the cause of the abandonment is not always 100% clear. In such cases a company must carry out an investigation of sorts to uncover the reasons for order abandonment.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the process of gathering and administrating information already in the possession of a customer or organization and incorporating new information as it comes. Inadequate organization or the loss of knowledge due to a key employee’s departure from the business can have serious adverse effects on a company’s knowledge management. On the other hand, systematic knowledge acquisition, organization and retention can reduce expenses and even increase profits. Adrecom has developed a specific knowledge management system comprised of four basic stages to best extract and gather as of yet uncollected information and to administer existing information.

Our Professional Team

Our professional team at Adrecom manages a variety of roles.

  • Graphic Design
  • Research and Development
  • Software Deployment
  • Content Migration
  • Content Management
Content Creation and Management

One of our primary services with the Adrecom Content Management System, or Back Office, is the facilitation of easy and painless content management. The Back Office is a superb platform for smoothly and quickly uploading your content into our system using Adrecom's multifunctional CMS Editing Tools and our trained team possesses the expertise to manage your content in the most professional manner.

Creating Redirects during the Legacy Transformation Process

What are redirects and what is the best way to make them?

An integral part of your legacy transformation procedure often includes creating redirects. During the process of rearranging information it is difficult to avoid causing some links to break. This reality necessitates that redirects be created for every broken link on the site.

For organizational purposes, it is wise to create a redirect map before actually creating your redirects. A redirect map is a file that maps out the old, broken links to the new or existing working links. In other words, it shows which link will redirect to which page. One easy way to do this is to use an Excel file with one column displaying all the broken links and another displaying the new ones.

Legacy Migration

Reasons for Legacy Migration

There are several motivating factors leading a company to go through a legacy migration, also known as content migration. In most cases the hardware being used by the application is obsolete with parts being very difficult to obtain. In such cases it costs more money to keep the system running than to switch to an entirely new system. What typically necessitates a legacy migration is that the older technology continues to serve vital business needs rendering it necessary to transfer all (or the relevant) information in the content management system (CMS) to a new CMS. But perhaps the most significant factor is for companies with websites running on legacy systems, which prevents them from adding new functionality to their site and keeping up with competitors. This in turn translates as a need for a complete overhaul in order to boost or maintain their web presence.

The Importance of a Strong Web Presence

Establishing a powerful web presence is a very serious matter for online e-commerce web stores and businesses. This is true for one very important reason: it's a known fact that in the last decade consumerism has taken a notable shift to the Internet, with online stores representing the hub of a large portion of today’s commercial activity. Businesses who seek to establish and maintain their level of success must utilize the next generation of e-commerce and technological resources available.

The Latest Generation of the Adrecom E-CMS Website

The latest generation of theAdrecom eCMS website publishing platform now includes a multi-user, mulitple website implementation for a business that wants mulitple points of presence managed from one web-based access point.

Quality Scrub Sets (QSC) is a Los Angeles based seller of medical scrubs to hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical facilities across the USA. We were faced with a unique challenge, says Menlo Lippowski their chief Marketing Director. The problem was how do we personalize the website experience for each customer persona we are targeting. One website does not fit all what we've discovered.

Control To The Actual Business Owners

In the early days of the Internet, webmasters with knowledge of HTML were the exclusive arbiters of who could control the publishing aspect of corporate and commercial websites.
The push towards developing more user-friendly software platforms has enabled web developers to produce web applications that return web publishing control to the actual business owners.
In the new social media paradigm of user interactivity, next generation CMS and eCommerce platforms enable website owners on their own to quickly make changes to their sites, download online orders, and conduct their own marketing campaigns.

Credit card processing can be a tricky if not overwhelming experience for merchants.

Credit card processing can be a tricky if not overwhelming experience for merchants. The merchant services industry is ever changing as well and for a business it's hard to keep up with how that directly affects your bottom line.