Become an Adrecom Partner

Adrecom provides its partners with opportunities to add ongoing revenue streams to their operations.

Our partners can work with us to identify potential customers or even provide access and support to their clients of our Content Management Suite, Interactive Portal, and E-commerce Solutions.

Integrations, technical support, and licensing are common ways our partners help us both generate recurring revenue. If you’re interested in learning more about Adrecom and our solutions, as well as winning a business proposition for Partners, contact us, and let's start the conversation.

Referral Partnerships

Adrecom Certified Partners earn an 15% commission from the sale of any Adrecom product. Commissions are available on direct sales as well as recurring revenue opportunities.

We’ll work with your team to share small and mid-size business target information, characteristics of strong Adrecom customers, and requirements for our solutions. You’ll learn a little more about us and how we can help, then translate that into introductions and sales.

Provide your business, customers, or vendors with access to best-in-class technology and earn when your introductions lead to a sale.

Value-Added Resellers

Adrecom prides itself on offering unique solutions that meet customer needs and integrate well with solutions from outside vendors. Many choose to work with us and provide access to Adrecom products separately or bundled with their own offering to give customers a complete software suite.

These Value-Added Resellers can use and sell our platforms and services for new and existing customers, supporting lead generation. Common VARs include SEO companies and design studios working with business consultants, CPAs, content creators, and other small service providers.

Authorized resellers manage their client relationships and earn 25% of the lifetime of the client, while still getting access to the latest Adrecom advances and innovations.

If you’re interested in learning how to add Adrecom to your offering and becoming one of our VARs, contact us today.

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