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Adrecom offers a total package designed to maximize profitability by tying together a seemingly simple design and a powerful technology base that supports a rich array of features.

IDSecurityOnline Relies on Adrecom’s Customizable Platform

Working with Adrecom for over seven years, Gabriel Schonzeit and his NY company IDSecurityOnline have had a front-row-seat perspective on how a strong eCommerce platform transforms business outcomes and allows companies to stay ahead competitively.

For IDSecurityOnline, Adrecom’s role as optimization consultant and eCommerce platform provider has been a pivotal one. Adrecom’s careful focus on customer needs allowed IDSecurityOnline to successfully manage sales growth and client communication since 2009—a period of intense online development, transition, market positioning, and competition for market attention.

“What has made eCommerce work for our company is that Adrecom’s platform is a highly customizable,” according to Schonzeit, “and capable of incorporating complex product catalogs, and third-party marketing applications.” But it’s more than that. Through many years of working one-on-one with the Adrecom team, Gabriel Schonzeit knows well that Adrecom always puts his business goals and needs first—and that’s what makes the platform work so well. It’s also what makes Adrecom a great fit for IDSecurityOnline.

Adrecom to Move Online Business to Next Level

We give our clients' customers a dynamic, relevant and engaging web experience using our web content management suite and corporate portal platform.