Adrecom Core

Online Business Management

Unified Content, Commerce, and Customer Engagement

"Digital Transformation" is not a Buzz Word anymore.
Adrecom Core is the toolset for legacy migration.

  • Comprehensive web projects deployed in days (not weeks or months).
  • Fast, cost-effective, fully integrated e-commerce experience capability.
  • B2B and B2C web portals with built-in content management functionality.
  • Transform underperforming applications with our transparent, automated, and proven migration process.
Ready-to-go modules
  • Wide range of ready-to-go modules pre-built for a wide range of case uses
  • Scale on demand with total configuration flexibility
  • Open Architecture and ready to go 3rd party integrations

Integrated Solutions for Manufacturers and Distribution Networks

Adrecom Core is designed explicitly with a host of solutions directly for our manufacturing clients.

Our tools can increase the performance of your external, customer-facing website, smoothly connecting your office and supply chain with your customers, whether they are vendors, distributors, or end-users. Many manufacturers use various mini-sites for different purposes. Adrecom's content management solution for manufacturing helps you to maintain a consistent web presence with unified branding across all your online properties.

Integrated Solutions for Manufacturers and Distribution Networks