Content Creation and Management


One of our primary services with the Adrecom Content Management System, or Back Office, is the facilitation of easy and painless content management. The Back Office is a superb platform for smoothly and quickly uploading your content into our system using Adrecom's multifunctional CMS Editing Tools and our trained team possesses the expertise to manage your content in the most professional manner.

The Back Office is divided into separate sections to allow you to easily choose what type of content you want to create and/or edit. The content sections in the Back Office are User Defined Pages, Articles, News, Photos, Videos, Podcasts and Blos. Each section was specifically designed to create your content in one straightforward process, providing fields and windows for all the relevant information when creating content, such as SEO title and Metadata.
The system was also designed with the larger goal of content organization and provides you the ability to categorize your content as you see fit.

One of the very useful features of the Back Office is the tree structure located on the left side of each content page. The below image is a screenshot from the Back Office displaying Adrecom’s blog categories and the quantity of posts within each category. This organizational model is used for each type of content available in the Back Office and mentioned in the previous paragraph and gives you quick visual access to your content. In this way you can easily decide on the best way to organize your posts.

HTML, Images and Videos

Utilizing a variety of types of content is very easy to do. The Back Office was designed with a Rich Text Editor that allows you to place HTML, images and videos into the text box, as well as other features such as tables.

Our How To’s page contains several video tutorials describing how to create various forms of content.


A unique feature available in the Back Office is indexing, which is the ability to choose the order that your content appears on your site, making it simple to rearrange your articles, blogs and videos around. Each content entry is automatically assigned an index number that can be changed in order to change its order of appearance both in the Back Office and on the website. In most content sections the index number is displayed next to the content entry in the main content section, such as in the below screenshot taken from the Adrecom Video page.


A customer or administer can easily access the Editing option in order to edit any aspect of content already existent in the system, such as SEO title, Metadata, text, HTML, images, video, audio and category information. All of the above comes together to make for a high level of control over your content.

Content Management Summary

  • Facilitation of easy content management
  • Quick uploads
  • Various forms of content
  • Administration of SEO Titles and Metadata
  • Organization
  • Convenient visual access
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Indexing