The Importance of a Strong Web Presence


Establishing a powerful web presence is a very serious matter for online e-commerce web stores and businesses. This is true for one very important reason: it's a known fact that in the last decade consumerism has taken a notable shift to the Internet, with online stores representing the hub of a large portion of today’s commercial activity. Businesses who seek to establish and maintain their level of success must utilize the next generation of e-commerce and technological resources available.

The Adrecom portal solution begins by identifying and collecting all raw information held by your company and forming it into a manageable whole, a process we call Knowledge Management (KM). We facilitate an accurate, fast and thorough legacy migration process into our sophisticated Content Management System. All forms of data — customer information, orders, metadata, written content, images, videos, audios, PDF’s and e-catalogs — can be moved from your old operating system to your new one. This process involves taking care of legacy migration issues that occur during the transfer, such as HTML clean-up, formatting standardization, CMS centralization and link redirection. Once the process has been completed we help situate you by providing instructional video tutorials about the various features in the Adrecom Back Office, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section. The variety of tools and features available in the Back Office are ideal for streamlining your e-store’s online presence, giving your site that competitive edge and sleek, professional modern look. But it’s not just about physical appearance; single point of entry and easy navigation turns e-catalog and content creation and delivery into an intuitive and highly flexible task, making for a system that’s as easy to use as it is to see.

The CMS also contains features that help you identify and launch the best possible promotional schema for your business. Our e-catalog features allow you to exercise a high level of administration while determining your vendor, upsales and shipping settings and creating and editing products and bundles. We provide all of these services in a hassle-free environment without perpetual customer guidance and with a minimal freeze time. All we need to complete our task quickly, efficiently and well is your initial vision.

Summary of Services

  1. Knowledge Management
  2. Legacy Migration
  3. Minimal Freeze Time
  4. Acclimation into Adrecom CMS
  5. Single Point-of-Entry
  6. Easy Navigation
  7. Identification of Best Promotional Schema
  8. Hassle-free Environment

Adrecom has a proven track record of success with a number of customers. Whether you’re an online store selling a variety of products, an informational site with focus on one central theme, or combine e-commerce with e-content management, Adrecom is able to help you hash out your ideal plan of action and implement it while providing the best industry standard guidelines and years of experience. The result is a comprehensive portal solution that will help you envision, create and customize your online presence in the ideal way for your e-store.