Control To The Actual Business Owners


In the early days of the Internet, webmasters with knowledge of HTML were the exclusive arbiters of who could control the publishing aspect of corporate and commercial websites.
The push towards developing more user-friendly software platforms has enabled web developers to produce web applications that return web publishing control to the actual business owners.
In the new social media paradigm of user interactivity, next generation CMS and eCommerce platforms enable website owners on their own to quickly make changes to their sites, download online orders, and conduct their own marketing campaigns.

With regard to eCommerce specifically, the shift to Internet transactionality as opposed to offline commerce has made the goal of reaching millions of viewers even more obtainable despite the costs being a fraction of even five years ago.

Web browsers can now push their virtual shopping carts around the world as consumers and business to business buyers source the products and services tailored to their needs.

User-friendly and Enjoyable Experience

Unlike many promotional engines, Adrecom emphasizes ease-of-use, using plainly spoken English and a user-friendly platform design to ensure an enjoyable and easy process. Our tutorial videos walk you through every feature available in our platform so that you can feel comfortable managing your content whenever and however you want. The easy-to-use back office reduces the learning curve, decreasing training costs and cutting time to return on investment.

The back office design is equipped with convenience-based features, such as a section in the center of the front page displaying recently made purchases and the option to import products in bulk, a great way to cut down on the time spent managing the database. You can also affect a number of custom fields to describe and present your products and/or informational items in an even more specific way. Our lines of communication are always open and we inform our clients of any additional promotional features that become available to them.