The Latest Generation of the Adrecom E-CMS Website


The latest generation of theAdrecom eCMS website publishing platform now includes a multi-user, mulitple website implementation for a business that wants mulitple points of presence managed from one web-based access point.

Quality Scrub Sets (QSC) is a Los Angeles based seller of medical scrubs to hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical facilities across the USA. We were faced with a unique challenge, says Menlo Lippowski their chief Marketing Director. The problem was how do we personalize the website experience for each customer persona we are targeting. One website does not fit all what we've discovered.

The Adrecom eCMS solution was to set up multiple websites for QCS and put up each domain as a totally separate and unique web address. Not only is each domain hosted on a separate IP address but the content on each site is totally customizable. For a few domains, QCS simply put up different logos and phone numbers with a different entity name.

For other domains though, the content has been totally revamped to enable the website to speak more relationally to the intended targeted audience. So without cannibalizing its larger audience, one of its domains which promotes the medical scrubs at wholesale prices is able to speak to that specific market in the textual and visual language that it appreciates.

Some of the core features of the multi-site capable Adrecom eCMS include one universal product database with multiple price points, permission privileges for each logged in user to access different areas of the site, purchase orders support and stylized interfaces for each domain and even for different buyers inside a domain.

The beauty of the latest version release of this platform is that not only is it capable of providing a full scope e-commerce experience to retailers, manufacturers, distributors and resellers it also has the flexibility through its CMS feature set to address the needs of a nonprofit or commercial enterprise that wants to target specific markets with personalized content-rich websites. With the obvious search engine rankings benefits that arise from having content-focused websites, the ability to manage all the blog, article, press releases and digital media (video, images and podcasts) content from one administrative interface is a real time saver.