Our Professional Team


Our professional team at Adrecom manages a variety of roles.

  • Graphic Design
  • Research and Development
  • Software Deployment
  • Content Migration
  • Content Management

Graphic Design

Our graphic design department is responsible for determining the visual layout of a site going through a legacy transformation. Its function is to communicate with customers to identify the look and feel and the general goals that the customers want to achieve from the website’s design.

Research and Development

Adrecom’s Research and Development department largely deals with software development and customization, but as well integrates with a variety of other industries, such as shipping companies, payment gateways, call centers, accounting firms and online inventory tracking companies.

Software Deployment

Our Software Deployment department installs and activates, updates and adapts System Architecture and User Interface Design in accordance with the need of the customer. This set of tasks also includes version tracking.

Content Migration

Content Migration refers to the task entailing collecting and preparing information for legacy transfer and all associated tasks, such as creating redirects and formatting HTML.

Content Management

We as well manage your content in the best possible way, whether this involves adding, updating, moving or removing products from the e-catalog (for e-commerce sites), or posting new information, such as blogs or articles.