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Adrecom deliver mobile ready web site update for

NYC-based nanotechnology Company MetaShield, LLC ( makes MetaSOLTM, MetaGLASSTM and MetaUVTM, for the solar, consumer electronics, and UV-mitigation markets through its research and production facilities in St. George, Utah. A pioneer in the glass-based ultra-thin coating market, its proprietary nanostructured formula doubles the break resistance and durability of glass.

Starting out in 2011 the company methodically experimented, tested, and developed its glass-coating product. By 2016 MetaShield had optimized the formula, generated strong interest in its novel technology by the U.S. Army, and began beta production, test marketing, and collaboration on three primary products with smart-device makers, defense contractors, and players in the solar-energy industry.


Hi Rise Network has successfully beta tested its social network based on Adrecom Solution

Everyone gets that awkward feeling when riding in high-rise elevators. It’s so anonymous. “Who are these people crowding my personal space? I’m with them every day, but I don’t know anything about them.” What do they do? Seeing the same people for months or years, politely acknowledging them, or studiously ignoring them, we never really know who they are, what they do—or who they could be to us.


Adrecom Builds Powerful eCommerce Site for Wine and Beer Retailer-Taps World

Wine buyers around the globe will be happy to learn of the convenient access they now have to hundreds of the world’s finest wines and spirits, all through one well-organized online store powered by Adrecom’s eCommerce Suite.

The Cask Wine & Spirits (Los Angeles / Beverly Hills) was established in 2010 to deliver a superior buying experience for wine and spirits enthusiasts and consumers. While the Cask’s L.A. retail store delivers exceptional services (including a custom wine cellar), select wines and spirits from around the world, and state-of-the-art tasting and event facilities, The Cask needed to expand beyond the limits of its bricks and mortar presence - and tap the world.


Adrecom Transforms Legacy Website into High-Function eCommerce Store Front

Adrecom has once again delivered its powerful eCommerce solutions to a small niche hair-care product maker and distributor, and salon-services provider.  Sheldeez Hair Products & Salon, based in Herndon, Virginia manufactures and distributes high-quality hair-care products to an international clientele, and operates a full-service salon in northern Virginia. Its growth and success depend on an eCommerce website that delivers reliability and ensures that customers can buy easily, accurately, and confidently.

Adrecom takes X Bat eCommerce Storefront to Next Levels of Efficiency

When upgrading legacy websites it’s very common that an extreme makeover is required to bring the customer’s presentation and function up to contemporary standards — implementing big, highly noticeable, changes. Less often, however, even very effective sites already boasting a current look, feel, and function can require improvements. In these cases, the task for website developers is more difficult in many ways; taking already good sites to a much higher level pushes developers to attain great functional refinement.

Adrecom Transforms Legacy Websites Into Appealing and Easy-to-Manage E-commerce StoreFronts

The range of businesses now benefitting from Adrecom’s e-commerce solutions and expertise has just expanded to include Jason Winters International, a specialty tea and supplement purveyor, and WildTech Corporation, a producer of high-tech outdoor gear, especially trail markers. Adrecom’s recent re-development of these companies’ legacy websites has liberated the two small niche-product producers to take control, improve their visibility and standing, and increase sales.


DeLuscious Cookies and Milk open online store by deployment Adrecom e-commerce solution

With the help of Adrecom’s e-commerce solution, one of L.A.’s (and the country’s) finest boutique cookie makers has gone live in a big way with its new online store. DeLuscious Cookies and Milk ( — in business since 2002 — launched its new e-commerce interface the week before Christmas 2012, and has been serving up custom orders of star-quality crafted cookies —delivering them to customers in L.A., and shipping to others throughout the U.S. and Canada, right out of their N. Highland Avenue shop in the heart of Hollywood USA.


Leading New York Dermatologist Renovates Web Presence with Adrecom’s CMS Suite and Web-Content Migration Services

Adrecom recently enabled Dr. Alan Kling, one of New York’s leading dermatologists, to dramatically expand the utility of Kling Dermatology’s web site, improving patient interaction and service in the process.

CMS Suite Enables Fresh Look and High Utility for Arroyos Treatment Center’s Web Presence

Adrecom has again deployed its Content Management Suite (CMS) to great advantage in upgrading an existing web site, and for Arroyos Treatment Centers site-management flexibility and overall appearance are dramatically improved.

Web renovation implemented for California Center for Reporductive Health

Adrecom CMS suite and web renovation services used to update web presence of one of the most renowned Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility practice in California, the California Center for Reproductive Health provides assisted reproductive technology services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, gestational surrogacy, intrauterine insemination (IUI), ovarian hyper stimulation, ovulation induction.