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Zoe B Update Web Presence with Adrecom's E-Commerce Suite


Zoe B Launches New Site/Online Store

Designer and manufacturer of fine 14 karat gold and sterling silver jewelry combined with vibrant and colorful gemstones and pearls, Zoe B has renovated its web presence and updated its e-commerce operations management capabilities. As part of their overall strategy to increase direct sales while strengthening already-existing retailer relationships, the revamped design emphasizes the beauty, variety and affordability of Zoe B’s line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Powered with advanced merchandising features, the Online storefront implements revenue optimization strategies using Adrecom’s ecommerce solution as a management platform. The new and improved Zoe B site employs a variety of valuable e-commerce functions, such as a sophisticated promotion automation engine with customized sections for new jewelry collections, cross sales, highly personalized product presentation tools, a dynamic up sale feature and multiple-tiered customer pricing models. For example, the up sale feature associates each product in Zoe B’s extensive catalog with other similar products in order to streamline a customer’s search for a specific type of product.

But complexity is not to be confused with complex navigation – front-end users can easily locate products through guided navigations and refined searches using a pre-set range of parameters. The result is Zoe B’s highly intuitive storefront layout whereby a customer can quickly browse through jewelry categorized by type (earring, necklace, bracelet, and tassel) stone (amethyst, garnet, or topaz), price range or product SKU number.

The new design as well focuses on informational aspects in addition to its already existing ecommerce functionality. Using Adrecom’s content management features Zoe B now includes a rich content-oriented Blog and News and Events sections. These sections are used to bolster awareness of past and upcoming trade shows and to cover participation thereof, provide information about new products releases and to discuss the latest collections and news relevant to customers and retailers.

All-in-all, the integrated Adrecom solution has facilitated Zoe B’s growth both in the areas of information and merchandise, presenting users with a cohesive balance between ecommerce and content while providing a sleek and easy-to-use front-end that makes the site a delight to use and simultaneously bolsters Zoe B’s online revenues.