Woven – Antique Rugs, New Design

January 08 2018
Woven – Antique Rugs, New Design

Woven Online, an international rug and carpet dealer since 1965, was looking to blend its antique and vintage rugs with a new online presence. It contacted Adrecom in 2012 with several objectives, among them employing a complete content migration from its legacy system to Adrecom’s sophisticated and intuitive E-commerce Suite- which was the main feature used to manage Woven's high density of pre-existing content - a total overhaul of its existing product e-catalog, written content structure and platform configurations. Within a short time Adrecom’s professional team met Woven’s needs and produced a modern and decidedly rug-oriented comprehensive site full of useful features ideal for antique rug enthusiasts all over the world.

Unique Navigational Design

One of the features that the Adrecom team integrated into Woven’s front end design is its interactive product catalog, fitted with a concealable left navigation search filter and categorization menus. Furthermore, these elements are found on each page to allow for easy navigation through Woven’s extensive database of rugs.

While the top navigation is fitted with a practical and standard category menu divided between Antique and Vintage/Tribal Rugs, the left navigation just discussed contains a uniquely-designed search feature reflecting the complex logical structure of Woven’s e-catalog using easily-searchable parameters. Since there are a variety of ways to categorize the high quantity of rugs in the catalog, a more detailed and extensive method was employed to allow for easy sifting and searching, and the key here was distinguish between all of the rugs in Woven’s catalog by distinct search classifications. The final decision was to allow the user to search through the catalog based onRug Origin, Rug Layout or Rug Category, which contain overlapping rug groupings. For example, if a user searching for a specific rug only knows one piece of information about the rug, say only its origin or layout he can find it using one of the classifications, which contain all of the rugs in the catalog. Additionally, he can use this feature in order to limit his search for that specific classification. Adrecom’s highly-experienced team was able to efficiently integrate Woven’s goals and to satisfy their detailed structural catalog requirements.

International Appeal

Given the international consumer nature of authentic vintage and antique rugs it was necessary to incorporate a multi-lingual front end for users worldwide. Using Google Translate, the entire site is translated into six major languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and Chinese) while maintaining the complex structural design integrated by Adrecom’s team. The language options are pictorially-represented at the top of each page of the site by corresponding flags, while the following image is a snapshot of the Home Page translated into Chinese. Notice that the architectural structure has been preserved even though the page has been translated into a language markedly different than English.

Designer Profile

A Designer Profile feature was as well utilized in order to give designers site space to present their own work, providing an important bridge between antique rug merchants and related fields. The Designer Profile provides basic descriptive information about the designers as well as images of their work, a link to their website and a map to their location. Through Adrecom’s flexible back office, either administrators from Woven or Adrecom’s team can add, edit and delete designers from the site according to Woven’s objectives. Designers are also given the choice to choose their favorite rugs, which are displayed in the left navigation of the respective Designer Profile pages, bound to increase sales for the listed rug categories.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature is an extensive search feature allowing you to filter and refine your search only to the selected categories. While the unique classification design in the left navigation allows you to search for rugs in particular categories, this feature works by eliminating options in order to limit your search results and is a perfect example of Adrecom’s highly advanced product catalog optimization.


Adrecom is fully aware that written content is necessary in order to generate and increase traffic to any e-commerce site. The Portal Solution is equipped with intuitive enterprise blog and news post sections capable of allowing back end administrators to flexibly and easily add, edit and delete blog posts and news stories. Woven’s site contains a high quantity of archived blog posts in a variety of categories, all manageable in a single user interface in Adrecom’s content management system.

Rug Services

A thoroughly comprehensive and holistic antique and vintage rug dealer, not only does Woven sell its product, it as well provides a list of services necessary for the rug industry, made possible by Adrecom’s versatile content management system.


The Adrecom system is also equipped with an application specifically designed to load and manage a high density of product images, such as in the case of Woven's Portofolio page. Via the Photos application, a large number of images can be simultaneously uploaded into the system and stored there and edited and deleted as needed.

All in all, Woven's desired legacy content migration, e-catalog overhaul, written content transfer and platform configurations led to a successful site and catalog renovation.