Hi Rise Network has successfully beta tested its social network based on Adrecom Solution

November 18 2016
Hi Rise Network has successfully beta tested its social network based on Adrecom Solution

Everyone gets that awkward feeling when riding in high-rise elevators. It’s so anonymous. “Who are these people crowding my personal space? I’m with them every day, but I don’t know anything about them.” What do they do? Seeing the same people for months or years, politely acknowledging them, or studiously ignoring them, we never really know who they are, what they do—or who they could be to us.

Few have the time or inclination to breach the “anonymity protocol” of high-rise elevators and office-building common areas. “Elevator silence” is just what we do. Who wants to risk being rude, forward, or intrusive with complete strangers?

Yet, we all know that in these high-rise environments, we’re surrounded with potential value, opportunity, people and connections. We see familiar faces, even acknowledge them, every day—but we don’t know how to pull them into our own network, how to tap them, or find out more about them and take advantage of the fact that we’re so conveniently aligned in time and space. In the high-rise world, all that proximity and potential connectivity is mostly wasted.

Well, recently an innovative group of MBA’s zeroed in on the issue and developed a solution. They think it’s pointless for people working in high-rise office towers to pass each other like ships in the night—especially since they’re right on top of and all around each other constantly. Seizing the initiative to end the curious anonymity of office-tower life, Hi Rise Network, Inc. has built a new business-community networking technology (online platform) that may well make that awkward elevator syndrome a thing of the past.

Hi Rise Network has successfully beta tested its social network in selected Century City CA office buildings, demonstrated the unique connectivity value that lay dormant in such office environments, and is now preparing to expand in other key high-rise locations in the U.S.

The key concept here is connecting business people already in close proximity—where they work—and enable effective and efficient exchange. Proximity matters because connecting with people close by in common work environments is very convenient, saves time, and increases the prospect of useful business interaction.

Unlike other business networking services, Hi Rise Network is designed specifically to take advantage of person-to-person and business-to-business proximity. The service focuses entirely on creating networking opportunities for high-rise building tenants and workers. Membership driven, Hi Rise Network makes it easy to share resources and information, post jobs, sell business equipment, lease office space, invite others to meetings nearby, make corporate announcements, reveal business opportunities and events, and more. The platform also permits users to interact on a personal level, e.g., coordinate ride sharing, cross-promoting volunteer activities, clubs and causes.

Hi Rise Network empowers businesses and individuals working together in physical proximity to understand each other, meet each other’s needs, and become a real community effectively interacting to mutual benefit on many levels (literally). The Hi Rise Network’s user interface allows members to see what’s going on in their buildings at a glance, in real time. It also allows users to organize information posted on the network by building, topic, time frame, featured offers, etc. 

Perhaps best of all, members can search for, connect directly with, and even chat with other Hi Rise members right through the platform—sparing all the need for awkward elevator introductions.  Members can also use the platform to invite those in their community that aren’t yet members to join the Hi Rise Network.

With the rise of Hi Rise Network, office tower anonymity may quickly be supplanted with a vibrant, high-utility, interactive business community. By activating the long-dormant networks and connectivity potential within our nation’s high-rise buildings, revealing and cultivating connections quickly and effectively is now an exciting reality.