JSMCO Chooses Adrecom to Restructure its Site

November 23 2018
JSMCO Chooses Adrecom to Restructure its Site

JSMCO.com (Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc) wanted to restructure and redesign its site at the same time as examining its content menu with regards to what should be transferred to the new architecture. It was to this end that they chose Adrecom’s Content Management Suite CMS, and they were met with success. Improving JSMCO’s web presence involved affecting an automated content transfer of JMSCO’s large body of content from their old CMS to Adrecom’s Corporate Portal. This was only after utilizing our Knowledge Management(KM) process to collect and filter through duplicate content to determine what information would make it to the final cut.

Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc. was founded in 1967 and is a full service business management firm catering to a variety of entrepreneurial individuals, advising them and managing their accounts with the utmost level of professionalism to free up time for focusing on career and family matters. JSMCO makes expert investment planning decisions and possesses an intimate knowledge with the tax law, enabling its staff to utilize all the available tax-savings strategies while maintain relationships with accountants and attorneys throughout the world.

JSMCO needed a professional content management system to help organize its potentially sensitive information. Adrecom provided the sophisticated architecture necessary to create professional and secure log-in forms for accounting and financial purposes using our Interactive Portal as well as integrated DropBox functionality in order to transfer documents of a legal and fiscal nature. Adrecom’s content structuring technology was specifically designed to contain and categorize large amounts of content, which made it possible for JSMCO to organize its complex informational network consisting of several categories and subcategories. JSMCO staff is also able to log in to Adrecom’s intuitive CMS in order to create new content and edit the existing structure as they need, and they are guided in these processes via Adrecom’s HowTo videos.

Other modules that became accessible to Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc after choosing Adrecom were the highly relevant news and blogs pages, allowing JSMCO to create news stories and posts on their own, or to rely on Adrecom’s professional content management team to create content on their behalf in a stress-free and reliable environment. The News and Blog section are configured with a Tag Cloud useful for grouping tagged content according to words, as well as the option to provide Metadata to help their content appear in Google keyword searches.

Other features provided to Jess S. Morgan & Company, Inc are the Google Maps location finder for detailed directions to JSMCO’s office, professional rotating imagery and Home Page display of recently-added blog posts.