Adrecom Helps You Give Customers What They Want: Personalized Offers

October 29 2020
Adrecom Helps You Give Customers What They Want: Personalized Offers

Adrecom is introducing new functionality for users of its ecommerce software explicitly designed to help them compete in a tightened market: personalize products and the shopping experience for anyone who wants it.

Every visitor is an opportunity for a sale, and personalization is your secret weapon to increase that conversion potential. And that’s according to customers, because:

  • Customers who click on personalized recommendations have a 70% higher purchase rate (Barilliance)
  • 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences (Epsilon)
  • 75% of shoppers like it when brands personalize products (Neil Patel)
  • 74% of online customers get frustrated when products and displays are not related to their interests — in other words, not personalized. (VWO)

And perhaps most important of all to businesses like yours, 94% of companies that personalized their websites experience an increase in on-site conversion rates.

Adrecom is helping ecommerce brands and retailers create personalized, revenue-driving options on their branded websites with a Build for Order solution. Product kits, customization, unique offers and combinations, and even fully customer-driven selections and choices are available in the personalization framework built into the storefront engine update.

Current Adrecom customers have the functionality available now. New customers get it as soon as their implementation goes live. It’s the simplest way to address customer and competition risks growing in the ecommerce space.

Personalizing the shopping experience to attract the right customers

Retailers face growing competition across all channels, especially with the growing number of e-commerce competitors and marketplaces. To stand out, retailers must start offering something new.

Keeping customers engaged and loyal requires an understanding of those customers. Personalized offers, whether you dictate what is displayed or allow customers to create their own bundles, are an increasingly common way to generate higher engagement.

The competitive differentiator will be ease-of-use and relevance for the consumer, the two guiding principles for Adrecom’s new ecommerce solution.

The new ecommerce solution is designed to integrate with existing CRM and other customer tools. By supporting the creation of customer profiles, your recurring and repeat customers can build and save their own unique kits, making it easier to reorder when supplies run low.

Profile-support also enables you to track and monitor behaviors and patterns, linking them with purchases, viewing habits, option preferences, and better experiences.

Grow using proven, best-in-class sales techniques

You can expand your current offering with kits and bundles designed specifically to help your customers. It’s a long-established process that you’ll see in almost every big-box retailer as well as value and discount retailer.

Stores such as Costco embrace kits and bundles by promoting that customers save by buying in bulk, raising their average order value and Costco’s gross profit due to larger purchases. Individual brands offer a similar idea on a smaller scale when they create a multipack that consumers use and need to replace, such as razors or deodorant.

These packs of multiples allow companies to sell more products to users while reducing packaging and shipping costs. They’re also establishing themselves as the go-to brand for that consumer, making them more likely to purchase the same products again. Other companies pair a less popular product with their best sellers to increase overall order value while also preventing excess inventory.

Your company can instantly get access to these sales opportunities by partnering with Adrecom. Kits and bundles become available online, and you can leverage your existing customer and sales data to create offers accord to top sellers.

Virtual kits and bundles are ready across all channels as soon as you enter them into the system, allowing customers to spend more right away. At the same time, Adrecom will assist you with tracking and creating new SKUs or master SKUs so that you can always collect and use the most relevant information.

“Build for Order” Wizard available immediately

Adrecom’s new “build for order” functionality is available to customers right away. You can incorporate the functionality with a simple and effective wizard that walks you through all parts of customization.

Business owners and marketers can quickly begin to build out configurable options based on their existing catalog. Make customization available specific to you, whether it’s color, size, shape, weight, ergonomics, quantity, or any other custom element. Quick elements, predetermined lists, and customizable fields simplify your process.

We make it easy for you to offer the service as it will be for customers to use it.

Adrecom also makes it easy for you to note how much each change or option will impact the overall product cost. Customers will always know what their purchase will cost, making them more likely to convert by avoiding common reasons customers abandon carts.

Protect your business too

Geotargeting and geographical information can also boost your ability to connect with customers. Location is a popular personalization tool because it enables you to always ensure customers see only available products.

By supporting location information, customization options can be limited to ensure your suppliers and warehouses can meet orders. Tailoring also ensures you stay compliant with local laws and are not putting the company at risk by listing improper products.

You can also adapt to customer preferences and understanding. Addressing shoe-buyers in the United States, for example, will allow you to list products in U.S. sizes as they customize colors and shoelaces. When a visitor in the UK arrives, you can use the same English-language site and copy, but appropriately adjust sizing and other information to ensure your customers get the right products they want.

Powering everyone to compete with Amazon

Amazon can be a powerful channel for any ecommerce business, but it should not be their only channel because you are competing even on your own page. Amazon’s recommendations and search tools may prioritize competitors even when someone is looking for you.

Adrecom is providing personalization tools to help ecommerce brands and retailers build their own website functionality that eliminates this competitive element on Amazon pages.

By allowing kitting and customization, your website can focus on the sales and products customers demand. When someone is seeking for a different size or color, you give them access all on a single page. No more navigating away or opening new tabs to compare. A simple click shows selection options and criteria, linked specifically to your available inventory.

Plus, as ecommerce companies shift away from Amazon sales, they no longer need to supply high levels of inventory to Fulfillment by Amazon solutions. Companies are enabled to run a leaner operation, so you don’t need to fill pallets with every option and have them shipped off to third-party distributors or fulfillment companies.

Bringing customers to your website thanks to offers and customization also enables you to build a following loyal to you. The Adrecom personalization and Build for Order Wizard can be linked to your customer strategies and communities. People can share the unique combination they’ve made and address each other’s questions or review and rate product groupings. You become the destination for those who need and enjoy your products.

See the power of personalization and experience a customized demo of this new Build for Order Wizard by contacting Adrecom now.