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Web renovation implemented for California Center for Reporductive Health


 Adrecom  CMS suite  was used to move legacy web site to dynamic, visitors friendly web presence.With simple processes for content creation, delivery and management, the staff at the Reproductive Health now keep web site up to date easy and hassle free. The Adrecom Corporate Portal also offered all of the standard configurations, such as text fields, radio buttons and drag down menus, making it very easy to create the right type of form for their client’s site. Their platform included a lead generation which allowed the members of the reproductive health clinic to extent their services to their patients. Patients can fill and submit their inquiries using the Lead Generation form that the clinic provides for them online.

 In the process of renovating a website for its clients, Adrecom implemented a CMS suite which allowed them to transfer the content on California Center for Reproductive Health whilst without disturbing with its existing structure. This procedure is known as legacy transformation and Adrecom often relies on this system to refurbish old websites.  Adrecom’s content migration has been applied to transport resources from the original website to the upgraded version. Using CMS editing tools and applications helped their clients conveniently managed the entire content on the website. That way, Adrecom was able to create and edit textual and audio content on the website. Aside from transferring existing pages to Adrecom’s CMS, new pages and categories had to be created in order to amalgamate the complex content structure with the website.

As they were renovating their client’s website, Adrecom, inserted the metadata for them and to make it feasible to their clients to add or edit the information in the future as their site and target keywords evolve. Not only does our platform have a built-in capability for editing and applying appropriate metadata for every content element, it also offered our clients the ability import metadata in bulk, thus shortening the time to completion. Adrecom also offered Meta tag directories available to their client to make tagging pages as easy as possible.

As part of update work  Adrecom added a number of original sections to California Center for Reproductive Health, such as its News section drawing user awareness to public attention received by major media news outlets, not to mention the Testimonials and Resource sections to help front end visitors feel comfortable with the site and to provide them with helpful information.