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Scantronix Shares the Secret Sauce Fueling its Expansive Online Growth Rates in 2011


In 2011, Scantronix, a document scanning and storage service company, experienced online expansive due to services provided by LA Dezign and their partners, Adrecom and Colocation America.

Scantronix, a provider of document scanning and storage services, has completed the annual audit of the effects of its website rebranding campaign that was launched in 2011. Scantronix, which offers businesses and medical practices document scanning and storage services engaged the services of LA Dezign (a Los Angeles website design and online marketing company), who subsequently partnered with CMS solution provider, Adrecom and datacenter provider, Colocation America.

The large-scale increase in site conversions was a direct result of a redesign and repositioning of the Scantronix website that was initiated to ensure that visitors to the site would be enticed to learn about their scanning services and to contact Scantronix for more information. After gaining an understanding of the business objectives from Scantronix, the in-house team of website designers at LaDezign developed a wireframe concept that was easy for new and returning visitors to navigate and that conveyed the professionalism of Scantronix to its different target markets.

The second component of the rebranding project was to deploy the Scantronix website on the Adrecom eCMS software platform in order to enable the Scantronix team to self-publish and regularly update the blog and other website content. With Adrecom’s integrated eCommerce and content management software, Scantronix staff members have downloaded new leads and made changes to the site via a web-browser such as publishing articles, press releases, web pages and digital media (images, videos and podcasts). The automatic synchronization of Adrecom with Google Analytics has also given Scantronix the ability to analyze visitor frequency and traffic sources.

LaDezign implemented an aggressive national and local SEO services campaign intended to bring in new client leads and to improve the site’s viewer conversion rates. Following a thorough review of the document scanning industry, LaDezign utilized aggressive keyword research and optimization methods to balance the distribution of highly targeted keywords throughout the site. New pages were added to the site for each of their various services in order to increase their perceived importance to the search engine crawlers. In addition, LaDezign has applied a back linking strategy for Scantronix, which has already produced numerous first page search engine rankings for keywords such as, “paper scanning,” “digital document storage” and “medical document imaging.”

The Scantronix website has been hosted and managed by Adrecom team on a high performance server farm utilizing a colocation service plan from Colocation America. The Adrecom system works well with Colocation America’s ability to offer a physically and virtually secure datacenter space that is supported by Tier 1 network carriers. With a very fast site load speed, reliable uptime and a website design optimized for attracting and converting leads, Scantronix has been able to focus more on its clients and less on marketing and IT infrastructure overhead.