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Hair Fairies Updates its Web Presence Using Adrecom’s E-commerce Suite


When Hair Fairies contacted Adrecom to renovate its online lice treatment salon’s web presence. Its main areas of interest were increasing online sales of Hair Fairies products, implementing enterprise blogging capabilities, integrating locations directories, creating new sections to increase the overall dynamism of the site, and not to mention the legacy content transfer of a large body of written material collected over a period of time.

Hair Fairies’ full line of lice-fighting guaranteed products are the same ones that are used in all Hair Fairies stores and are delivered with complete instructions. Adrecom’s e-commerce suite was utilized as part of an overall strategy to increase the online sale of Hair Fairies products, ranging from its signature Nit-Zapping™ Lice Comb, Lice Clenz Shampoo and Lice Clenz Cream to a Eucalyptus Lice Laundry Additive for purging your clothes, and not to mention several different kits composed of individual products. Adrecom as well set up purchasing capability directly from the site using PayPal, but users can opt to visit any one of Hair Fairies 5 locations or product retailer stores.

Adrecom also set up Hair Fairies with an easy-to-use and sophisticated multi-user enterprise blogging capabilities, designed with easily-accessible textual fields for entering Metadata information to optimize front end-user online searches and rank higher in searches for various relevant keywords. With both back end and E-commerce front end user experience in mind, Adrecom’s blogging feature as well allows a website administrator to create blog categories that allow for the organized structural organization of Hair Fairies’ large quantity of blog posts. Administrators can grant different access privileges to different users, allowing for posts written by a variety of authors, thus contributing to the professionalism of the site.

Adrecom as well added a number of original sections to Hair Fairies, such as its News section drawing user awareness to public attention received by major media news outlets, not to mention the Testimonials and Resource sections to help front end visitors feel comfortable with the site and to provide them with helpful information. The Fairy Care video section, with instructional videos in Spanish and English, teach users how to search for lice and use lice-removal products.

Arguably one of the most prominent services Adrecom provided for Hair Fairies was the content transfer, including textual content, images and videos, from the site’s legacy system to our CMS.