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Fidelis Diagnostics uses Adrecom's CMS Suite for web presence management


Fidelis Diagnostics was established in 2004 and is a nationally-acclaimed healthcare company that provides innovative diagnostic services. Moving Fidelis’ large body of content while preserving its existing structure and making its new one more dynamic was made possible through Adrecom’s sophisticated and flexible CMS Suite.  The entire body of written content was manageable using sophisticated CMS editing tools and applications specifically designed to create and edit (and delete) textual, visual, video and audio content, with little effort, in a flexible and highly-controllable environment.

Aside from transferring existing pages to Adrecom’s CMS, new pages and categories had to be created in order to integrate Fidelis’ complex content structure. Using the Back End of Adrecom’s portal system, our team was able to easily arrange all of their content in a logical and organized structure making front end navigation superbly easy.

Being an information-heavy site, many of Fidelis pages as well required several PDF’s - the Back Office’s configurations were easily customized to allow for all the necessary information to be attached to its respective pages, as in one of Fidelis’ literature resource download pages and images were as well easily-integrated into Fidelis’ page structure where needed.

Fidelis as well makes excellent use of Adrecom’s news and enterprise blogging modules with configurable settings to make stories and posts appear on a set apart section of the Home Page to draw more attention. The Adrecom team was able to meet Fidelis’ objectives regarding front end dynamism and interactivity — the Home Page contains a thematic rotating image, each respectively linked to a written piece, with several buttons linking to other pages, such as questionnaires and the Contact Us page, accessible from several places on the site and which contains a link to Fidelis’ several office locations.

The top of the page contains a search field making it easy to locate any piece of information contained in the Fidelis site. The top of the page as well contains a link to FIdelis’ LinkedIn account. Finally, the entire site’s menu navigation is displayed at the bottom of each page to make browsing and scanning the site easy and comfortable.