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Extend Credit Rebrands Online with New Interactive Website at


Extend Credit, a provider of in-house financing plans, has recently completed a full rebranding of its online presence. Extend Credit helps clients to trim labor costs, minimize the risks associated with self-financing, and to implement faster and more secure ACH payment processing solutions by offering in-house financing systems and software to medical, dental, and veterinary practices and small businesses.

The first goal for the new site was to create an interactive website that was modern and professional, while being informative and easy-to-navigate. Extend Credit engaged (a Los Angeles website design and SEO agency), to oversee the rebranding campaign. The in-house graphic designers at LA Dezign were guided by three fundamental principles: (1) what is the most important action a client should take when on the site? (2) How can each page explain the company’s target client base and primary services in less than ten seconds after loading? (3) What content should be displayed in order to generate leads and sales?

The second goal for the rebranding campaign was to find an online software platform to house the new design and new content. Extend Credit chose the Adrecom eCMS software platform, which would give their internal staff the ability to self-publish content and regularly update the site on their own. With Adrecom’s integrated eCommerce and content management system, Extend Credit is now able to login to the back end of its website via a web-browser to download leads and to publish articles, press releases, web pages and digital media (images, videos and podcasts). Adrecom is of course, automatically synchronized with Google Analytics so that Extend Credit can analyze visitor traffic sources and frequency.

The third stage of the online rebranding campaign involved the initiation of an advanced search engine optimization campaign aimed at attracting new customer leads and boosting visitor conversion rates. Following a thorough review of Extend Credit’s industry, LA Dezign’s SEO team applied aggressive keyword research and optimization methods to generate a more balanced distribution of heavily targeted words within the site’s content. Additionally, LaDezign has implemented an ongoing aggressive back linking strategy which has already resulted in first page rankings for keyword phrases like “in house financing software” and “medical financing solutions.”

The last phase of the rebranding campaign consisted of ensuring that the Extend Credit website is hosted on a dedicated server stored inside a reliable data center facility. In order to maximize data security and have guaranteed uptime, Extend Credit’s site is hosted by Adrecom on a managed server hosting plan from Colocation America (, a colocation provider that operates physically and virtually secure data centers supported by Tier 1 network carriers. With a fast website speed, reliable uptime, and a site designed to attract and convert new leads, Extend Credit can focus more on its core mission of providing in-house financing solutions to business owners.