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Adrecom Transforms Legacy Websites Into Appealing and Easy-to-Manage E-commerce StoreFronts


The range of businesses now benefitting from Adrecom’s e-commerce solutions and expertise has just expanded to include Jason Winters International, a specialty tea and supplement purveyor, and WildTech Corporation, a producer of high-tech outdoor gear, especially trail markers. Adrecom’s recent re-development of these companies’ legacy websites has liberated the two small niche-product producers to take control, improve their visibility and standing, and increase sales.

Both companies suffered a common problem associated with aging “legacy” websites. Their old websites had very dated online-store setups, and significant limitations in presenting selections, updating products, and changing configurations. They didn’t permit WildTech or Sir Jason to effectively market their products or flexibly and spontaneously manage website operations.

Adrecom’s dedicated team of e-commerce site-development specialists delivered a cost-effective and hassle-free transition from the cumbersome, inefficient legacy sites to modern e-commerce storefronts coupled with a sophisticated, easy-to-use management “back end.”

Thanks to Adrecom’s intuitive e-commerce interface, WildTech’s customers can now “find their way in and make their way out” of the website easily, efficiently, and with trail-marking products that meet their needs. Likewise, those seeking Sir Jason’s Natural Wellness and Premium Teas and Supplements now easily find, review, and order these superior and varied products designed to promote a healthy life — without missing a thing.

For these two small businesses, enabling their customers to make purchasing decisions easily and ensuring that their websites always convey current, accurate product information in an appealing visual setting, are critical to their growth and success — and with their new sites, they’re truly off and running at new levels. Adrecom’s team of experts has again demonstrated the high value of a strong e-commerce website to companies of any size.

If you’d like to learn about the many health benefits of custom-blended herbal teas or the importance of trail marking in the great outdoors, you’ll find it easy and efficient thanks to the e-commerce solutions at and