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CMS Suite Enables Fresh Look and High Utility for Arroyos Treatment Center’s Web Presence


Adrecom has again deployed its Content Management Suite (CMS) to great advantage in upgrading an existing web site, and for Arroyos Treatment Centers site-management flexibility and overall appearance are dramatically improved.

After developing a new page design, Adrecom configured itsCMS Suite to enable Arroyos personnel to directly manage the creation, addition, updating, and modification of site content. With a simple user-friendly interface Arroyos can now easily add, categorize, and remove images from its photo gallery, and informational articles about topics relevant to its patients and providers. These essential tools enable Arroyos’ site managers to keep their essential business content fresh and ensure that images and articles always capture the Center’s latest additions, news, events and relevance. This added flexibility enables changes “on the fly,” reduces site-maintenance costs, and enriches the visitor’s web experience.

In addition, Adrecom’s CMS has expanded the Arroyos platform to include improved interactive communication capabilities.

  • First, by adding an information request form and lead-generation capability, the site now allows Arroyos’ professionals to more effectively reach prospective patients. Site visitors find a simple and secure confidential information request form on most of the site’s pages inviting them to seek a review of their issue, experience, or problem. Given the sensitive nature of Arroyos’ treatment business, providing a secure and simple mechanism that encourages private communication serves the organization’s broader objectives of serving the community and increasing awareness of mental health and dependency issues. Most importantly, CMS permits Arroyos to effectively manage, organize, and respond to incoming inquiries.
  • Second, by adding a blog feature with interactive capabilities, Arroyos can now organize and publish its mental health, dependency and treatment-related ideas and analysis conveniently, establish a history (archive) of thought leadership, share it in an organized and searchable format with the public, and engage the public in a dialog on topics relevant to patients and their loved ones. The efficiency of the CMS interactive blog feature creates the opportunity for Arroyos to continuously demonstrate its leadership, trustworthiness, and value.

The Arroyos site’s Resources section is now efficiently managed through CMS’ links directory module, which permits Arroyos to easily categorize and describe its resource links, providing visitors with helpful, well-organized information and Arroyos with recognition and credibility. Arroyos, like many businesses, must be able to provide guidance and referrals to its patients and prospective patients as part of its mission, and the CMS links directory module makes the process of managing and delivering such pertinent information easy and effective.

As with Adrecom’s other web site conversions, implementing the CMS suite proved a seamless content-migration process yielding impressive new capabilities.