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Leading New York Dermatologist Renovates Web Presence with Adrecom’s CMS Suite and Web-Content Migration Services


Adrecom recently enabled Dr. Alan Kling, one of New York’s leading dermatologists, to dramatically expand the utility of Kling Dermatology’s web site, improving patient interaction and service in the process.

Like many businesses, Kling Dermatology is focused on its patients and not so much on its web site, with predictable consequences. Through many years of scant attention, the web site’s appearance and features became outdated in both “look and feel” and utility. Adrecom’s team identified the site’s pressing problems and helped Dr. Kling and his staff understand the many ways site improvement would streamline their business and improve the patient experience. This process included Adrecom’s Content Migration Methodology, which features analysis, design, automation, and assessment.  A makeover couldn’t wait any longer.

The old Kling web site lacked detailed information and specifications regarding Dr. Kling, his services, procedures, and credentials, which limited prospective patients’ understanding of Dr. Kling’s range of services and expertise. For example, very few of Dr. Kling’s numerous press appearances, videos, and publication were featured on the site, denying visitors a real understanding of Dr. Kling’s influence and capabilities. Kling Dermatology’s medical team was not presented on the site, despite being part of what patients look for and rely on when selecting a medical-service provider. Patient testimonials were outdated and didn’t reflect current treatment activities, methods, and success stories. Without these features visitors struggled to gain a comfort level.

The Kling Dermatology web site also lacked a patient-inquiry form, which really limited the opportunity for Dr. Kling and his clinic staff to interact with site visitors and prospective patients. As one of New York’s leading dermatology experts, especially in HPV fields, a convenient and confidential inquiry tool invites contact from more prospects, especially those who don’t feel comfortable talking by telephone at first.

During the Kling site renovation process, Adrecom easily and seamlessly transferred all of Kling’s existing content to the new web site by deploying Adrecom’s CMS suite, which permitted content transfer while maintaining structure and date integrity. Adrecom frequently uses this legacy transformation  procedure when rebuilding aging websites.  In conjunction with this process, various informational sections were supplemented with new, updated information (e.g., new testimonials). Even better, the CMS Suite now allows Dr. Kling and his staff to easily add information and update the new site and regularly manage their web presence without any special IT or technical programming skills.

As part of the update Adrecom added a number of original sections to Kling Dermatology’s web site, including the configuration of an interactive “Dermatology Blog” as part of a solution sharing helpful information with visitors about different dermatology topics, conditions, and treatments. Through this blog feature Dr. Kling presents in-depth discussion of topics important to patients. The News and Events section draws awareness to area activities relevant to Dr. Kling’s medical practice, media appearances, conferences, and lectures. Also new to the site is a convenient “Schedule Appointment” feature that permits patients and prospects to schedule appointments and identify preferences through a convenient user interface. This feature reduces phone work for staff regarding appointments freeing time for other priorities.

Finally, as an added convenience for patients going forward, Adrecom is implementing an online store within the Kling Dermatology web site featuring cosmetic products, especially products useful to dermatological patients in treating skin conditions. This feature will also act as an information resource for patients to learn about the products offered, and how to use them in conjunction with medical treatment. Through this retail feature Dr. Kling saves his patient’s time and keeps them informed.

With all of these new features Dr. Kling, his support team, and their patients will enjoy a much simpler and more productive doctor-patient relationship.