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Adrecom deliver mobile ready web site update for


NYC-based nanotechnology Company MetaShield, LLC ( makes MetaSOLTM, MetaGLASSTM and MetaUVTM, for the solar, consumer electronics, and UV-mitigation markets through its research and production facilities in St. George, Utah. A pioneer in the glass-based ultra-thin coating market, its proprietary nanostructured formula doubles the break resistance and durability of glass.

Starting out in 2011 the company methodically experimented, tested, and developed its glass-coating product. By 2016 MetaShield had optimized the formula, generated strong interest in its novel technology by the U.S. Army, and began beta production, test marketing, and collaboration on three primary products with smart-device makers, defense contractors, and players in the solar-energy industry.

With the enthusiasm and obvious growth potential realized in 2016, MetaShield’s founders knew they faced a rapidly developing growth phase and needed to quickly overhaul the company’s website. In fact, given the pace of mounting success, the company needed a complete web presence renovation to meet the market and properly manage the emerging opportunities at hand.

MetaShield sought a software platform and a development team capable of maximizing the products’ and technology’s web presence—fortunately, they chose Adrecom’s CMS Suite.

Starting from new mobile-friendly web design, Adrecom has created a corporate portal, implemented solution configurations, easily and completely transferred a large and varied body of existing content, and set the stage the addition of large amounts of technology-related content, photos, video, news, PDF’s and other media over time. Adrecom has deployed an efficient web content management system.

Adrecom’s dedicated team of content management and e-commerce implementation specialists pulled off an amazing feat for MetaShield—they completed the entire web-presence redevelopment and launch process in only eight weeks, and just in time for the company to really present its products and capabilities to the market. Despite the short, high-pressure time frame, the process unfolded smoothly as Adrecom expertly managed implementation of a sophisticated look and feel.

By establishing content-management modules that allow MetaShield’s site administrators to quickly and easily expand, modify, organize, and categorize content by topic and media type, Adrecom has made current and future content easy-to-manage, simple to publish, and navigable for visitors, all while preserving an attractive web site “look and feel” befitting an up-and-coming technology company. Adrecom added many options to the site, and provided information architecture and navigation for on-demand activation of e-commerce capabilities, a blog interface, a message board, and social-media integration.

The outcome was a big relief to Martin Ben-Dayan, MetaShield’s Founder and CEO, his team, and the many emerging customers, collaborators, and advocates the MetaShield technology has attracted.

With Adrecom’s help, MetaShield has now dramatically extended its customer-service and SEO capabilities by affording countless new customers and collaborators an easy and reliable online technology-presentation platform.