Credo Law Partners Moved to Adrecom’s CMS Suite

February 03 2017
Credo Law Partners Moved to Adrecom’s CMS Suite contacted Adrecom in 2012 in order to update and upgrade its web presence, specifically with regards to managing its extensive body of content information in an organized and visually pleasing fashion.

Our team immediately grasped Credo Law Partners’ objectives and transferred their content to the Adrecom CMS Suite, a back end user platform designed to manage a large and varied quantity of content, namely blogs and news, both of which Credo Law Partners utilizes, and images, video and podcasts and dynamic and static pages.

Credo Law Partners’ team of some of the best-practiced attorneys in the practice specializes in providing the utmost of professional law service to large and small business and entrepreneurs. They needed a website which at a glance graphically conveyed their qualified legal standing while conveniently and sensibly organizing their content into a cogent and professional whole. Adrecom’s Corprate Portal provided Credo Law Partners with a single point of entry to all applications and content, giving their staff access to the highly and easily manageable content management system, allowing them to add, edit and delete content.

Credo Law Partners is as well equipped with the standard media outlet capabilities – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – and also contains an interactive Google Map location page for finding directions from anywhere in the United States, linking directly to the Google Maps website.

Adrecom as well provides instructional video guidance on our applications for our customers on our growing HowTo’s page. The result of our work with Credo Law Partners was a successful content transfer and integration into Adrecom’s Content Management System, allowing them to dynamically and organically continue providing specialized law services to the American public.