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Tailored project deployment and post implementation support services

Your level of required support should be scalable with your needs - and we believe that you should always have options. Adrecom's flexible, results driven, on-demand services are unrivaled in the web platform industry.

Our commitment to quality and service extends far beyond the project design and deployment stages. Your project delivery and service agreement includes provisions for ongoing support, operational management and uptime guarantees. Our highly trained technical staff is committed to meeting client demands for websites that serve as valuable tools in reaching their business objectives.

The on-demand assistance team at Adrecom ensures that any aesthetic alterations, workflow reconfiguration, third party integration, or other post deployment changes to your site are quickly and easily implemented, so you can focus on your core business objectives. We prioritize timely and efficient service, ensuring the reliability of our on-demand software.

Managed Hosting and Network Infrastructure Services

Adrecom's clients' web sites operate on servers housed in our data center, which is monitored continuously. The servers run proactive hardware that is continually updated, and they are connected to the fastest and most secure networks.

Fully customizable Service Level Agreements, including specifications for:
  • Product maintenance, proactive modifying of the Adrecom software products and platform
  • Upgrades to hardware, network and system operation software to ensure security, application uptime and optimal performance
  • Daily, weekly and monthly backup
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of all system elements and deployed projects

Adrecom accomplishes record deployment times using turnkey deployment services

With over ten years of experience involving the implementation of hundreds of website platforms, our team has developed carefully refined implementation processes and deployment methodologies. First we get our clients' sites up and running smoothly. Then we are available 24/7/365 to assist them with all of their web marketing activities, from advising on workflow design, providing new user training, making template modifications, and even assisting with basic search engine optimization.