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"How To" Tutorials Make Adrecom's "Back Office" Platform Features Easy

The Adrecom Back Office is a user platform specifically designed to streamline the process of creation and management of content. It is an intuitive system whereby you can easily upload the information you want and change it as you see fit. The following videos are tutorials that will teach you how to use Adrecom’s many features and walk you through the upload process step-by-step. Some features include creating products, uploading videos, and posting blogs and news stories. This page is regularly updated with more instructional videos and can be revisited periodically.

The purpose of creating these forms of content is make it easy to promote your business; tap into the social media stratosphere by posting and providing links to your blogs, news events, videos and e-commerce pages. Adrecom seeks to help you expand your e-network connections and generate a buzz around your products and services. If you would like to see a specific feature covered, please contact us.

How to Publish a New Article in the Back Office

A brief tutorial describing how to publish an article in the Back Office. The main reason for publishing an article is for content and information-heavy websites that focus on a specific theme versus the sale of actual products. The goal of an article is to inform your customer base and the public about your specific topic of interest and to let them know about your company's policies, the products you carry, and what sets you apart from the competition.

How to Add a New Product in the Back Office

A brief tutorial walking you through how to add and manage products on your website covering all the basic information that you need to include in the database when adding, or creating, a new product. Perhaps the most basic feature of the Adrecom Back Office is product management, and all other features, such as media and blog management follows the same model.

How to Add Coupons

This video tutorial touches on the marketing aspects of the Adrecom Portal Solution and explains how to create, edit and delete coupons to, in and from the Back Office. A user can easily choose coupon display and informational settings in a highly-flexible environment.

How to Add Options

This tutorial teaches you how to upload options into the Back Office using Adrecom's sophisticated and easy-to-use editing tools.

How to Edit Static Pages

This tutorial shows you how to add and edit Static Pages in the Back Office. Static Pages, also known as SPages or User Defined Pages, typically contain content that does not change, in contrast to Dynamic Pages.

How to Add Categories and Subcategories

This tutorial shows you how to add categories and subcategories to the Back Office in the best logical order.

How to Navigate Through the Back Office

This tutorial video shows you how to navigate the Back Office with regards to the basic modules. Here you will learn how to access each module category and its subcategories and to navigate through them easily and quickly.

How to Review Forms

Whenever you fill out information about yourself on the Internet, you’re filling out an online form. The purpose of an online form is usually to provide some information about yourself, as when you register to a website or when you fill out a query or submit a question. When a front end user visits a website and fills out a form, the information submitted by that user is stored in the Back Office in the forms page.

How To Add a News Story

This tutorial teaches you how to add a News story. News stories relate new information, such as events, partnerships or equipment upgrades. It's an outlet for the author to provide facts or factual information, imbuing your page with a sense of officiality and credibility. A news page combined with a blog page can explore a breadth of topics directly or tangentially related to your specific topic of interest and can be posted in media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to Upload a Video

This tutorial describes how to upload a video into the Back Office with an eye on the available features available to streamline the content creation and upload process. Videos are useful for a variety of purposes, such as personalizing your site, providing instructions for your clients and customers and advertising your services and ecommerce products.

How to Post a Blog in the Back Office

This brief tutorial tells you how to post a blog. The purpose of a blog is to discuss current events and to present information relevant to the theme of the website. It can also allow your customers and/or readers to get to know who you are in a more realistic way and helps you create the type of atmosphere you want on your site. Finally, it can help you improve your SEO ranking by basing your posts on topics related to your business.