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Transforming Your Legacy Website into a High-Performing Web Property

09-03-2017  |  By: Adrecom
Giving your company’s online presence a modern upgrade is more than just a nice-to-have, it’s an absolute necessity.

As today’s technology advances to meet consumer expectations, the most successful companies are rising to the challenge with high-performing websites that go beyond merely establishing a web-based property.

Multi-Channel Content Management

01-26-2017  |  By: Adrecom
Managing content used to be fairly straightforward. Write the content, post it on your website, add it to another one or two websites, maybe send out an email notice about it, and you’re done. Multi-channel content management wasn’t on anyone’s mind.

How Your Marketing Team Can Measure Social Media ROI

01-17-2017  |  By: Nick Rojas

If you're not using social media as part of your company's marketing efforts, then you're not marketing as effectively as you could be. And this could be frittering away your marketing budget.

In this digital age, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ provide a way for you to boost brand awareness, reach out to a critical mass of customers and potential clients, and increase site traffic on your e-commerce site. But you first need a good plan to use social media as a marketing tool -- and that includes understanding how to measure ROI.

Bundling and Kitting Products – A Great Way to Improve Customer Experience and Online Sales

12-22-2016  |  By: Adrecom

Bundling and kitting products is a great idea on a number of levels. Kitting (aka “bundling”) is the grouping/pairing, packaging, and marketing of separate but related, complimentary, and compatible products for sale or presentation as one unit. Multiple products are sold as an individual SKU. “Kitting” and “bundling” are interchangeable terms in this context.

Companies, merchants, and promotional teams love product bundling because it just makes their job easier, it makes them more effective, expands choices, makes their customers happy, and is a powerful tool for moving merchandise and increasing revenue.

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Snapchat

06-14-2016  |  By: Nick Rojas

Maybe you’ve heard of Snapchat.  It’s an app that allows users to send photos and short videos to other users – but after a limited amount of time, the material vanishes.  This feature made Snapchatnotorious especially among teens, who found it easier to get away with sexting and bullying when the evidence disappeared.

But Snapchat’s demographic is widening. Now moms love it too, and pretty much any female between the ages of 18 and 35.

If this sounds like a good target audience for your brand, you’re in luck.  While not as well-equipped for businesses as other social media platforms, it is possible for you to establish a presence, gain visibility, and increase sales with Snapchat.  Read on to learn how.

Personalization and Multi-Channel Publishing

09-03-2015  |  By: Adrecom

In today’s business world personalizing web-based content, and its delivery, to meet each user’s needs is a competitive imperative for online enterprises. To be most effective, information should be tailored to individual users’ preferences and status, including the type of device they use.

Adrecom’s CMS Suite delivers the solutions you need to design and implement highly effective personalization techniques that offer tailor-made environments to visitors. By offering dynamic content that varies with user behavior, choices, status, and needs, you dramatically enhance your website’s utility, magnetism, and user comfort levels—which, of course, translates into higher conversion rates.

Configurable product options and variations for improved shopper experience and conversion

02-13-2014  |  By: Adrecom

Nearly all products have options of some type or another and presenting them clearly is of great benefit to businesses.  I look at the benefits of how product variations can improve your business and make your customers happy.

A cosmetics website has many products, while each product has a number of color or shade options. The user interface was designed to feature color swatches related to the product. The product variations here allows the e-commerce and purchasing process to be simplified. The customer doesn’t have to see the same product multiple times with the different colors but rather see a clear presentation of the products with its options. This example illustrates how product integration can improve navigation on the page and search results throughout the site.  This simplified presentation with the improved user experience leads to an improvement in the revenue stream.

Why is User Generated Content so Important?

02-02-2014  |  By: Adrecom

The internet has created a number of social media and review sites that play a very important role in decision making and forming opinions about a complete range of products and services. 25% of search results are made up of these review and UGC orientated sites making them very powerful.  As various reports have shown gen-Y or millennials, following the baby boomers, constitute a major part of purchases and internet activity. They are group orientated buyers, primarily because they have been influenced by their baby boomer parents who have similar characteristics. 73% of millennials said that consumers care more about customers reviews than businesses does.  That clearly presents the power of UGC.

Four Great Mobile Solutions for your Website

01-16-2014  |  By: Adrecom

With sales of mobile devices increasing significantly over the years, users have incorporated their mobile devices to search for information and buy things, which has increased tremendously. 46% of Americans said that a mobile device is their primary way of accessing the Web and 2014. Ecommerce doubled from 2012 to 2013 with 2014 likely to continue. These figures show how important it is  for businesses to consider which mobile solution work for them and more importantly their customers.

Whatever type of mobile solution you choose, there are great services that bring great value to your mobile solution. Firstly you have the ability find out where your users are and provide services that are relevant according to their location. This is probably the most exciting added value for your application if it’s a native app or responsive website, it can really help you bring a great service to your customers. Others use the camera and the fact at the end of the day you have a phone that can access information with touch capabilities so you can make it easy to contact customer support.

Unified web site management backend enable effective multi channels web presence operations

01-07-2014  |  By: Adrecom
Businesses have a website to communicate with customers online, best practices dictate that businesses further develop smaller mini sites along side their main site to reach a particular segment of the market that might be defined by language or a particular interest.  Without the necessary planning, businesses can find themselves without suitable website management. Each site might use different infrastructure making it costly to manage minimizing the effectiveness of the overall presence online and particularly each individual website. With the development of a full service, unified backend you can manage the full range of websites and a smooth transition to a mobile presence and complex marketing strategies.