Wovenonline U.S. provider of antique and modern rugs

Wovenonline is a leading U.S. provider of antique and modern rugs, in business since the 1970s.

Wovenonline U.S. provider of antique and modern rugs

When renovating Wovenonline’s web presence, the main goal was simple: provide potential customers (like interior designers, architect and home owners) with compelling information about rugs, interior design illustrations featuring rugs, and educational elements about the many different kinds of rugs offered and how to purchase rugs.

With thousands of items in the product catalog, the key for site redesign was highly effective navigation. The Adrecom team significantly simplified the rug review, selection, and buying process for visitors using an architecture design based on product information and features, and adding tailored navigation, advanced multiple-criteria search, and sorting search.

Despite a very large and complex product catalog, redesign implementation was based on Adrecom’s e-commerce solution, which enabled easy, intuitive site navigation.

Migrating thousands of images and descriptions from the old site to the new site (usually a very long and complicated process) was completed in just three weeks with the help of Adrecom’s content transfer automation and digital asset-management tools.

To improve and expand customer services and communications, a Rug Services menu option was added to the site, enabling visitors and customers to go beyond rug shopping to a “my saved rugs” compilation portal for customers to organize preferences, in-space shipping/viewing services, rental, repair, cleaning, storage, and lifetime exchange.