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We give our clients' customers a dynamic, relevant and engaging web experience using our web content management suite and corporate portal platform.

About Adrecom

The Adrecom Unity Platform (UP) transcends individual business descriptions such as eCommerce system or content management systems. Adrecom started as a website development company with two public facing divisions: one for content oriented web sites and one for pure eStores. Over the last decade, we have witnessed a flattening of vertical focused service providers as the Google economy and the demands of search based and social based marketing have brought these two worlds of content and commerce together. 

We give our clients' customers a dynamic, relevant and engaging web experience using our web content management suite and corporate portal platform. Our intuiive, flexible, and very personalized web presence management solution will help you give your customers the information they need most - and in whatever mode they feel most comfortable with - whether mobile, tablet or large screen based.

The Adrecom customer base finds expression within Four primary types of industries: eCommerce; Professional services; Corporate portals; and, manufacturing companies. Clients within these segements have observed that Adrecom's services, technology, and knowledge base deliver the tools they need to transform outdated, non-performing, and costly web sites and e-commerce stores into dynamic, scalable, lead-generating, flexibly configured, efficiently operated, and profitable web presence.

Our Customers' Goals Fuel Our Ongoing Mandate

Adrecom is committed to increasing the revenues of online businesses. Like a horse at the Preakness, we tune out extrananeous noise and we focus our total attention on providing clients with a website that delivers an engaging, personalized and satisfying shopping experience. We learn your business and compel your customers to interact and engage with your website because this improves your bottom line. Our team of programmers and marketing advisors work together to build each customer with a customized business solutions framework that produces an efficient, eCommerce operation. 

Providing high-quality, sophisticated technology combined with a simple and friendly interface, Adrecom shortens the learning curve required for both system integrators and backend users. The faster deployment and training time accelerates the return on investment, enabling businesses to increase profits and lower costs. Adrecom equips online businesses with powerful eCommerce systems that keep them current and competitive.

Practice Makes Perfect

A decade of experience in deploying hundreds of systems in a wide range of industries worldwide has given Adrecom the knowledge of what works and what doesn't. The result: a very easy, streamlined integration process. Online businesses continue to choose Adrecom because its Unity Platform solutions are cost effective and make sense. A logical system equipped with all of the latest in technology and features appeals to the technical user. 

Adrecom offers a total package designed to maximize profitability by tying together a seemingly simple design and a powerful technology base that supports a rich array of features.