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Adrecom eCommerce Solution

Adrecom eCommerce solution makes opening an online business or upgrading to next generation eCommerce technology easy and painless. Years of experience in developing and deploying efficient e-commerce and web content management systems, and in implementing well-structured incremental migration strategies, has proven our product suite and delivery methodology.
Using a cutting edge eCommerce system with upgraded options increases revenue, lowers overall cost of ownership and increases the rate of return. Provide an engaging shopping experience for online shoppers and reduce the time needed to set up and manage an online operation. A user-friendly backend minimizes the learning curve, reducing training costs and cutting time to return on investment

Premier Merchandising Features Built-in

The comprehensive Adrecom software suite and robust deployment process allows you to create a better shopping experience for your customers. Offering a storefront configuration focused on the shopper, more features, better sale tools, and a simplified check-out method the, Adrecom solution has everything a business needs to succeed online. You can up-sell, cross-sell, bundle, create specialized quick orders, and offer multiple product options with an unlimited number of products and nested categories. The result: maximum marketing and sales flexibility and an online experience that encourages repeat visits.

Adrecom`s merchandising features support:

  • Raise your visibility and increase interest: Offer advanced discounts and promotions based on a wide range of characteristics, including: time, order level, product category or amount, customer profile or segment.
  • Target promotions for the occasion: Create special offer campaigns with custom text and graphics for events, seasons, holidays and sales.
  • Product reviews with endorsements and ratings: Increase the authenticity of your store, raising customer trust and loyalty.
  • Multi-criteria search: Allows your customers to perform deeper searches, so they get better matches for what they are looking for.
  • Multiple product images: Provide more detailed views of your products, resulting in more accurate expectations and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Catalog quick orders: Saves time and hassle for customers who know what they want.
  • And more

Flexible, Easy to Use Check-out System

Adrecom's check-out system enables you to offer a wider array of choices giving your customers the options they desire and making check-out simple. You can allow customers to ship to multiple locations, select preferred shipping method, and choose between express or guest check-out modes. Payments are processed in real time via a safe and secure fraud-preventing method, and orders are confirmed automatically.
  • Improve customer retention during check-out: Having multiple check-out options reduces clicks to payment, which raises the rate of completed payment transactions.
  • Stronger customer support center: Access to accurate shipping and billing information with updates and order history enables efficient, stress-free customer support, saving time and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Order tracking and confirmations: Customers are reassured that their order has been received correctly, and have a record for follow up if needed.
Adrecom makes it simple for you to upgrade your business to a more advanced online store. A wide range of tools that lower site maintenance costs and raise usability, combined with an intuitive navigation system and a more attractive shopping experience for customers, create a low-maintenance, high-performance eCommerce experience – for you and your customers. By reducing the time you spend on backend management, Adrecom enables you to focus more effectively on your core business.
  • Proven upgrade process: Structured, incremental upgrade assures fast and easy migration.
  • Straightforward data transfer: Data is moved with minimal interference in day to day operations, so you can focus on your business and not on the system change.
  • Expanding capabilities is smart: Accelerate revenue growth by lowering overall operational costs and reducing time to higher margins.
  • Frees up time for marketing: Systematic migration procedures and intuitive usability means you spend less time working on the backend, so you have more time to market products.