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Customers Services Portal

This interactive support portal will enable your customers to receive timely answers to their questions, connect with your knowledge base, link to all their document repository and address book, support all requests and provide a complete history of orders, services and billing.

Better Communication

There is a modular methodology which Portals employ in building a web interface. The clear benefit from this approach is the flexibility when it comes to communicating with your clients. Thus, customers receive timely answers to all requests and questions

Capture Valuable Information

Customer portals allow for the capture of vital information from clients. And since information is key, this is an important resource for any business This information can prove to be very important to your business and overall strategy.

Easy access to information

Easy access to all customer information including the entire document repository and address books.

Fast and easy access to all historical information

A customer portal is the quickest and most comprehensive way to provide a complete history of all customer orders, services and billing.

Highly secure

Customer portals are highly secure with encryption and protected passwords.

Access to your knowledge base

Customers can securely browse through your knowledge base and engage on your forums.

Better Communication. Capture Valuable Information. Highly secure.