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A decade of experience in deploying hundreds of systems in a wide range of industries worldwide has given Adrecom the knowledge of what works and what doesn't.

Adrecom Puts Eve Pearl on Dramatic World Growth Tour

According to Eve Pearl of Eve Pearl Beauty, a NYC-based makeup company, smart business is choosing the right internet-presence partner. And Eve should know. After harnessing Adrecom’s powerful online eCommerce solutions, Eve Pearl Beauty is experiencing dramatic worldwide growth, tripling business to over 60 countries and building the business into a worldwide brand—all from just one flagship location.

Adrecom’s easy-to-use, interactive eCommerce website has enabled fabulous interaction with Eve Pearl’s customers through high-use solutions like a mobile-ready storefront, promotions management, built-in centralized order management from multiple channels (online ,offline, Amazon), integration with Intuit Quickbooks, and social media. Adrecom’s online tools and easy-to-manage back end allow Eve to make customers’ online experience very easy and positive.

According to Eve, growth requires the ability to interact with its customers effectively—worldwide. Adrecom has made the world Eve’s locality. “We have a great product, but Adrecom enabled us to share our products with—and tap—the world.” Eve knows how to make people look great. Adrecom’s job is to make your business look great.

Adrecom Solutions to Move Online Business to Next Level

We give our clients customers a dynamic, relevant and engaging web experience using our e-commerce and web portal platform.