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Content Migration

Migrating content from an old CMS to a new one can be complex and time consuming. You shouldn't have to waste your time with that when you upgrade to a new Adrecom CMS System. Our A+ Content Migration Methodology promotes a rapid and accurate content migration from your current system to the Adrecom CMS. This way, you can focus your time and energy on the thing that matters most: your business!

Most businesses have volumes of content that they've created over time, which may or may not be organized in a logical system. But intelligent information architecture is the key to rapid and effective access to content. Via extensive consultations with your company, our information design experts will create the most logical and useful structural design for all of your content, ensuring a streamlined operation within the Adrecom CMS.

A+ Content Migration Methodology

Our A+ Content Migration Methodology encompasses four distinct stages. They work together seamlessly to effectively transfer your existing content from your old CMS to ours, while also improving your ability to access and utilize that content.


Adrecom's content experts begin by analyzing all of your current content, both structural and non-structural. Non-structural content includes pictures, articles, press releases, news stories and assorted website content. Structural content is formalized content that might currently reside in your legacy CMS (whether a commercial product or a home-built system) or any number of relational databases.

The focus of this phase is to perform a thorough content clean-up and prepare it to be organized in the next phase. In order to accomplish this, the content team examines all content, specifically looking for redundant or orphaned items, and mapping all shared and hyperlinked content.


This phase is all about organizing your content in the most logical and effective system. In order to accomplish this, our specialists reformat any necessary content, mapping related materials. We maintain all pre-existing relationships while also building new ones to maximize flexibility within content management. This is all done with your company's predetermined business needs in mind.

Additionally, rapid and effective access to content requires smart use of metadata. Thus, the content team will design the most appropriate metadata system for your needs, be it hierarchical, linear or planar. Team members will also build a logical taxonomy for metatagging your content.

Once this is all done, your content will all be ready for the actual migration phase.


A rapid migration is one that will not inconvenience you. The key is making a quick transition from your legacy CMS to your new Adrecom CMS. The way we accomplish this is by automating the process.

Building on years of experience, we use our proprietary automation software along with any needed customizations to quickly migrate your content without sacrificing any accuracy. This ensures as short a downtime period as possible, allowing you to get up and running using the Adrecom CMS right away.


Without this stage, Content Migration would be almost worthless. First, our dedicated professionals examine all migrated content to validate that it remains 100% accurate and usable. This QA phase checks the content itself, along with all formatting and hyperlinks as well. The content library will also be compared to your established business requirements to determine that it is indeed fully and effectively accessible.

After the library has been validated, Adrecom will train your staff on how best to use our CMS. And as always we offer 24-7 support services to meet your customer service needs.

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