Publicly Traded Botanical Therapeutics® Marketer Transforms Corporate Web Presence with Adrecom CMS Suite

Herborium Group, Inc. Herborium Group, Inc., a small, publicly-traded Botanical Therapeutics® company focused on all-natural medicinal options, is a fast-growing business with an ambitious agenda serving a dynamic, exponentially expanding market.

Publicly Traded Botanical Therapeutics® Marketer Transforms Corporate Web Presence with Adrecom CMS Suite

The company maintains a corporate website designed to inform its business partners and investors about the company, its products, the market, investment opportunities, news about the industry and trends, etc.

Tired Older Site Lacked Luster — While Herborium had separately deployed Adrecom’s e-commerce suite to sell its natural medicinal products (on separate sites), by late 2012 Herborium’s corporate site clearly showed its age; it was time for a makeover.

The old site had a tired, shallow look and feel, outdated graphics, cumbersome mechanics, limited functionality, and few options. It wasn’t very exciting, and a bit “ho-hum.” Current news and events about Herborium’s industry and the market were not featured, and the content was poorly organized. These shortcomings didn’t reflect well on Herborium as a publicly traded company and prevented the site from capturing the company’s and the market’s dynamism. In short, the site’s tiredness undermined its objective — getting visitors engaged, interested, and excited about the company, its products, and its significance.

Solution — CMS Suite — Having experienced the power and utility of Adrecom’s e-commerce suite, Herborium determined that the best solution for its corporate site was the implementation of Adrecom’s Content Management Suite (CMS Suite), a platform that enables site owners to easily and efficiently deliver an engaging web experience with “simple-to-use” content-management modules for non-technical users.

The Adrecom team went to work improving navigation, adding calls to action and lead generation forms, strategically positioning a fresh “News and Events” section in multiple locations, improving product visibility by re-positioning them in numerous places, including the homepage, and adding pages dedicated to detailing each individual product while keeping the general product page listing them all together, and adding and improving links to each product’s separate e-commerce pages.

Of course, the key is that Herborium’s team can now update the restructured site’s content easily and continuously to ensure its relevance and a fresh look and feel, without IT assistance.

Outcome Far Brighter — Deployment of Adrecom’s CMS Suite has succeeded in truly brightening Herborium’s online presentation of itself as a public company and its story. The site has a more dynamic feel, is much better organized, visuals and images are much more striking, easier on the eyes, and more clearly conveys to the visitor what Herborium is all about.