Convenience Kit's International - Configure To Order Product Bundling

Back in 2015, an online seller of personal care and hygiene convenience/travel kits, was already doing well in sales and serving its customers on a number of levels. 

Convenience Kit's International - Configure To Order Product Bundling

But company leaders knew they could increase online marketing potential, sales levels, and market penetration, and serve customers better while giving them an improved online experience. The executive team just wasn't sure how until they met ADRECOM.

In its pre-2015 incarnation, the CK website primarily permitted consumers and businesses to choose from among a variety of preselected/prepacked kits, all created in anticipation of common or expected needs. But the site lacked customization capabilities, and the executives suspected this limitation stifled sales.

Realizing this, Convenience Kits’ prime goal was to maximize the company’s online presence in ways that would allow it to seamlessly transition to and open new marketing and sale channels and dramatically improve/expand customer engagement. 

Adrecom, an experienced provider of integrated web-presence management solutions, had answers, and so began a process of total website renovation to maximize Convenience Kits’ ability to attract and efficiently process more orders and bigger orders through customer engagement and ease of use. The site renovation also focused on creating a “mobile-friendly” design and customer-centric architecture. These enhancements made the site visually appealing, more engaging, accessible, and effective for visitors using handheld devices.

A key element of the website renovation was the deployment of an e-commerce solution capable of presenting and processing prepackaged product transactions, permitting larger customers to submit “quote requests” for bulk orders, and enabling customers to personalize/customize their convenience-kit purchases (i.e., allowing them to pick and choose the individual items they wanted in their travel/convenience kits).

Part of the strategy was to capture the corporate travel, special events, and nonprofit markets, which required the deployment of bulk ordering and personalization features. This included addressing the challenge of simplifying the process of “bulk” online ordering for nonprofit and charitable organizations.

Both bulk purchasers and those buying as few as 10 kits at a time needed to be able to “select” and customize their kit contents—as a simple, intuitive part of the online ordering process. This kit content selection process—called “kitting”—required the roll out of a customer-kit-building option with an easy-to-understand interface. (as illustrated here:

Convenience Kits online retail customers won’t have a problem or waste any time bundling products for a perfect kit—it’s as easy to customize using Adrecom’s user-friendly online “build-your-kit feature.” It’s as simple as can be with the website tool to bundle personalized kits from among the various products CKI offers. Even better, kits and bags can be designed to fit individual missions and styles, and easily customized/personalized with customer logos or unique branding.

But, the kitting and ordering process is more complicated than just affording online buyers an easy way to make personal choices for their kits. Enabling companies like Convenience Kits to effectively and efficiently bundle or kit products for customers in countless combinations (and keep track of it all) requires an e-commerce solution (platform) with certain essential capabilities—like that offered by Adrecom’s e-commerce experts. The system must allow sellers to readily create product bundles within their web platform’s back end, from products already available in their general online catalog. It also has to be easy to use and error-free, all while automatically updating/controlling the seller’s inventory appropriately. With the Adrecom bundling system, order details are captured and processed correctly every time.

The system Adrecom built for CKI supports CKI’s kitting and bundling management, and also offers CKI’s customers a kit-building wizard that lets them custom bundle CKI’s products on their own to suit their particular needs and preferences.

Site Renovation Outcomes/Accomplishments

Since implementing site renovations, the business has improved for Convenience Kits. After the new site was deployed things started changing noticeably:

The site improvements had the intended effect. The site-renovation process unfolded without a hitch, without any adverse unforeseen obstacles, problems, or consequences. As a seller of consumer products CKI loves its website’s new product-bundling capabilities because it makes their job easier makes the company more effective and responsive to consumer demand, expands customer choices, makes their customers happy, creates opportunities to sell more products, and is a powerful tool for controlling inventory, moving merchandise, and increasing revenue.

With close evaluation, Adrecom was able to create a brand web presence tailored to CKI, its clients, salespeople, and suppliers.

Customer Satisfaction — CKI customers able to bundle or kit their products love them because they contain items that actually work well together for the needs of similarly situated end users—it makes sense to combine separate products that go hand-in-hand into one product packed and delivered together. Bundling the right products and accessories together avoids customer dissatisfaction and lowers return rates over time, and increases repeat sales. Everybody wins.

Another benefit to the CKI site renovation is this: the system also allows CKI to observe, learn from and act on its customers’ “kitting” choices. CKI can see what works best for customers, and can in turn quickly offer popular combinations as prepacked kits to all customers. By seeing what works for certain customer profiles, by observing their kitting choices, CKI gains enormous marketing information and promotional opportunities. Because of this, the Adrecom system also automates the promotion/posting/duration of bundled items (packages) as elements of the seller’s web presence, product offering pages, and navigation tools to ensure that site visitors quickly and easily see and access bundled product promotions and discounts. This enables CKI to quickly offer a popular custom “kitted” items as new product offerings to everyone.

At Adrecom, we’re all about delivering functional back-end convenience to clients like Convenience Kits International. Site renovations that include mobile-friendly upgrades and our e-commerce bundling systems help clients improve the value they offer to their markets and programs through improved accessibility and easily “kitted” or “bundled” products/services. For our customers, marketing flexibility and consumer convenience is enhanced even further when they deploy our “Build Your Kit” feature.

Contact us now for more information on how your company can renovate its website and seize the advantage of effective product/service bundling and kitting.