The Utilization of Gift Certificates from an E-Commerce Perspective

The Utilization of Gift Certificates from an E-Commerce Perspective

For consumers, online shopping has benefits such as convenience and comparison. For companies, it gives the advantage of a national reach, builds loyalty and credibility and increases revenue. But how do companies maximize that revenue when it is easy to get lost on the web under the vast number of companies? Well, the easy answer is to become a client of any online store and use their technology to optimize your location on the web, streamline the navigation of your website, effectively promote your products and simplify the check out process. But if you don’t have time for such a large commitment, you should consider posting coupon codes.

From an e-commerce perspective, gift certificates are one more way to seize a greater share of the holiday-shopping dollar from traditional stores. At least half a dozen Web-based ventures have been rolled out in recent months, whose sole purpose is to sell gift certificates. Around the same time, Internet retailers are hastening to offer their own electronic versions of gift certificates.

Unfortunately, many online retailers do not have the technology to send gift certificates electronically. Rather, they offer gift certificates online for consumers to buy. After a purchase has been made, these gift cards are mailed to the recipient who can redeem them later either online or offline. A new Internet business category has emerged in connection with this process: gift certificate stores. Companies like Giftpoint .com allow shoppers to buy certificates from hundreds of merchants in many different categories.

With years of professional experience in developing and delivering efficient e-commerce portal, Adrecom has not only helped established businesses of online merchants but also defined their business as well. By deploying Adrecom’s comprehensive e-commerce suite, e-tailers were able to ensure a smooth and easy shopping experience for their customers. Retailers have used the Front End to offer gift cards among their other merchandises.

With more gifts to buy and less time to shop, online gift certificates offer a quick and convenient solution to every frazzled out shopper. Adrecom’s e-commercesuite provides online shoppers with web-based options available for just about every product category imaginable, gift certificates take most of the guesswork out of finding a gift for just about anyone. They can also reduce the chances of embarrassment on the part of the gift giver and disappointment on the part of the recipient. This can be especially relevant for shoppers seeking specialty and personal items.

As an online storeowner, if you are considering adding gift certificate capability to your online store, our software allows you to:

  • Fully automate the process of gift certificate issuance and redemption.
  • Distribute online gift certificates securely (i.e., to deter fraud)
  • Customize the design of the online gift certificate (e.g.., ability to incorporate your store’s logo to extend your brand).
  • Personalize online gift certificate with the recipient’s name, customer-selected amount,and possibly a custom message.
  • Accept multiple forms of payment for gift certificate purchases, including all forms of payment currently accepted for other products in the storefront.

 With Adrecom’s check-out system in place; shoppers can make their purchases online using their gift cards. Moreover, the convenience of having an e-commerce shopping cart allows consumers to review their purchased items, edit the amount of each product they wish to purchase, enter their coupon code and gift certificate information. This module provides customers with shipping options, the ability to make further purchases, and complete their order on a single page with just one click.