Content Management Automation, Uploading Images in Bulk


Just as you can upload products in bulk to the Back Office, you can also upload images in bulk, although the process is slightly different.

Let’s say, for example, that your e-catalog contains an order of some 3,000 products, and each one needs an image. One way of assigning an image to each product is to manually insert an image into each product. While this method is the recommended one for inserting images into a relatively small amount of products, such as 5 or 10, there is another, more efficient method for inserting images into a large number of products, such as 20, 50, 100 or 1000.

The Adrecom CMS media assets management system provides its users with an interactive web-based bulk upload feature. Rather than manually inserting an image saved on your hard drive into the product page, which will take an enormous amount of time for more than 10 products, or even 5, you have the ability to upload many images at once. Without going into instructional details of how to do this, which will be covered in another page on the website, we will instead give you a conceptual model of how this is accomplished. The Back Office is designed to hold a large number of image files (.jpg). In order to assign each product with an image, a user uploads all of the image files into the Back Office image library. Once having done this, the user exports the file of all the relevant products (those which need images) and associates the product with the image via the image’s extension. After having imported the Excel file back into the Back Office, each product then appears on the front end with the image associated with it.

When Safety Idesco needed to attach images to each of its products, it made use of Adrecom’s image upload feature. Safety Idesco is a perfect example of the express purpose of Adrecom’s bulk image upload feature since Safety Idesco contains almost 2,000 products. Suffice it to say that our team used the bulk image upload feature to attach images to each product on the Safety Idesco site.