Bulk Image Uploading to the Media Gallery


A popular demand for many websites is to display a specified page designated for images. This is especially relevant for image-heavy websites, and for such sites it is beneficial to contain all their images in a gallery versus on individual pages. If a site contains a high volume of images, the image pages can number in the 100’s or even higher. A better alternative is to create a gallery, in which each page displays thumbnails of each of the relevant or desired images. When the user clicks on or hovers the cursor over the image, a larger version of that image is displayed in a separate window. This methodology achieves the desired result of displaying a high volume of images while avoiding a high number of image pages.

This methodology is perfectly suited for a website that wants to showcase a particular event or series of events that they hosted or attended. It can also be used just to draw attention to a certain press release or media coverage reported by a major media outlet or news station. For example, Zoe B, a company that sells 14 karat gold and sterling silver pieces and fine jewelry with genuine gemstones and pearls, advertises its media presence using Adrecom’s gallery feature.

Creating a reputation for your company as a leader in a particular field or industry depends in large part on the ability to creatively apply technological outlets to all the available media forms. Adrecom’s Content Management System (CMS) is compatible with static images, videos, flash files and podcasts, enabling you to advertise your enterprise in a dynamic, impactful and creative manner. The process of streamlining content, tagging, publishing and managing approval messages is further made easy via Adrecom’s Content Management Suite and single user interface.

Fortunately, usage of this feature is not limited only to publicizing a certain event – it is also ideal for including images in a written piece, such as in an article, news story or blog. The Global Thoughts website, which serves as a sophisticated travel log, notebook and photo collection of the author’s journeys and thoughts, makes exemplary use of this feature on a number of its articles. Depending on their size, individually inserting images into a written piece might require resizing and formatting them appropriately so that they are all flush and are positioned properly within the text. Using the gallery feature creates a thumbnail version of all the images placed in the gallery and positions them at the top and/or bottom of the page in an organized fashion. This feature has been optimized so that you can easily associate a gallery with its respective article and once having created the galleries you can as well associate several with one article, creating for dynamic and highly controllable image management. When you click on each thumbnail, a larger version of the image is displayed individually without taking you to a new page. The gallery feature is a perfect solution when you don’t need the pictures to be juxtaposed within the text itself, but just in case you do, you can combine both image functionalities by inserting some into the text in the traditional manner and others into the gallery – the choice is up to you.


The Adrecom bulk image upload feature allows you to:

  • Publicize hosted or attended events
  • Upload content in bulk using an intuitive web-based functionality
  • Share, upload and modify permission settings
  • Exercise high control over gallery creation and image placement
  • Perform advanced searches across a broad spectrum of media
  • Import and export meta data using Excel spreadsheets