Team Module Integrated into Adrecom Portal Solution

Team Module Integrated into Adrecom Portal Solution

Given that certain types of customers have specific needs, the Adrecom team has developed and integrated the Team module into their corporate portalsolutions repertoire. Categorized under our Resources section, the Team module was designed for businesses and agencies who wish to renovate their web presence by introducing their team and/or staff to the viewing public.Whereas in the past Team information was created within the general structure of the Articles section, used for creating the major bulk of a website’s content, it has now been set aside with its own module designed with features specifically designed for creating individual team member content.

For example, the Team section has been created with fields directly relevant for describing a member of a business team, such as Title, Position, Name, Specialty and the individual’s tenure with the company, as with this example taken from the JSMCO website. All Team information is visible from one page with a link to the individual member’s own page, usually containing a longer textual description of his role in the company.

The Team module has also been configured with social media capabilities permitting front end users to visit an employee’s Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter account from the convenient location of their description summary, streamlining the process of networking and communication, integrated into the Attivo Consulting front end.

And perhaps one of the most sophisticated technological tools offered by the Adrecom portal solution, the Adrecom team has also introduced v-card configuration utilized by Credo Law, which allows a front-end user to view a team member’s v-card in Microsoft Outlook, a virtual card that contains the member’s contact information.


By clicking on the v-card link, a front-end user can view and edit the team member’s contact information directly from the Outlook user platform can be saved as a contact directly in Outlook.

The integration of the Team module has been met with enthusiasm and is a new part of Adrecom’s web presence renovation solutions portal.