Online Event Management


Online event management is considerably an easier alternative to event management. Rather than relying on event planners to organize, supervise and plan your events for you, you can purchase an online management software that allows you to monitor your events in the most systematic and feasible way. Online event management provides a platform to artists, celebrities, fundraisers, organizations and businessmen to promote their talents, products, and businesses. It can be seen as an online marketing strategy tool by various companies. From launching products to holding press conferences, creating events using online event management software will allow companies come in contact with their clients or meet potential clients. They might target their audience by using the news media, hoping to generate media coverage which will reach thousands or millions of people. They can also invite their audience to their events and reach them at the actual event. Online event management programs services a variety of parties such as corporate events, concerts, ceremonies, entertainment shows, and weddings.

When it comes to online event management, Adrecom offers the most efficient and viable solution to creating and organizing events for its clientele. There is no need for a developer or HTML skills. Why hire a webmaster to manage your website without knowing the HTML codes? Adrecom’s online event management software can help you arrange an event of any size and complexity. Our software includes a feature-rich set of solutions and tools to allow customers create an event website in a few minutes. From concerts and business conferences, our focus on customer success and innovation technology has made Adrecom the premier online registration solution for all activities regardless of size or industry. Customers can easily create an event website or registration form using one of our event template designs and customize it to match your brand.   Customers can easily start using the integrated online registration, payment management, communication, and marketing processes to simplify your administrative workload and save time. Our cutting-edge online event management software comes at an extremely cost-effective rate with no setup, activation, and monthly subscription fees. Adrecom’s online event management software allows clients to access the data to generate multiple reports in almost no time. Our software guides our clients in developing their event website.  They can build custom event websites and event forms plus process payments online, track attendees, send targeted emails with easy to use HTML templates. Moreover, they can manage all of their contacts in one location with instant tracking and reporting on a specific event or across multiple events. With Adrecom, customers can utilize a full range of online registration and marketing technologies that we can fit to meet their needs.

Using CMS Media Assets Management tool customizes and organizes the website’s pages to allow all the necessary information to be attached to its respective pages. The online event management software provides a CMS Editing Tool allowing clients to update information on their website, manage articles, upload video presentations and slide shows, and attach pictures with the appropriate media gallery and more. Its capabilities extend to sponsorship management and online invitation to events. The Testimonials and Resource sections are included to help visitors feel comfortable with the site and to provide them with helpful information. Adrecom will also insert a search field making it easy for users to locate any piece of information contained in that particular site. Links to Twitter,Facebook, and Youtube are presented on  the website to attract and increase followers via these social media platforms.