E-commerce Storefront Renovation


Find a Good Host

Perhaps one of the most important elements while renovating your storefront is choosing a hosting platform that is at once sophisticated and capable of housing a range of informational types, such as content (written material, images, videos, PDF’s and podcasts), varying content applications (static pages, articles, news and blogs), and organizational tools, such as order and contact forms, while being flexible and easy to use. Adrecom’s e-commerce suite offers its best-of-breed dynamic storefront configuration engine, multiple store front administration and efficient customer care and order management.

Navigation and Design

Adrecom’s experienced web design team structures highly organized and visually pleasing sites that efficiently guide site users without inundating them with information. Key regions on the page are used to direct the customer’s navigation, such as links and buttons to direct him to the appropriate pages and forms. Our web team takes into account several key factors, such as site motif, text and button size and spacing.


Creating a personalized site often causes a customer to integrate your site into his repertoire of regularly-visited and trusted library of sites, which also means that he’ll speak highly of your site to people he knows. A site that “addresses” a customer by first name and displays previously-viewed pages and searches gives him the impression that your company values his services. Including information that is relevant to his searches, including tips and warnings, will increase his appreciation of your site.

Redirection is the Right Direction

In most cases, it’s taken a long time for a particular website to build up its Google ranking. Even though renovating your site is vital to keeping your conversion rates from declining, some site owners rightfully worry that a renovation will make them lose their search engine rankings. Fortunately, redirects are a technical apparatus specifically designed to preserve your site’s rankings after redesigning. The people at Google understand that content transfers are a part and parcel of site administration and do not want to penalize you for it, and Adrecom has the technical means by which to quickly and easily redirect your crawler errors.

Finding an Easy Ordering Tool

At the end of the day, on top of a good site design and flexible back office, site visitors want to be able to order a product with minimal effort. Adrecom’s intuitive E-commerce Portal houses a sophisticated Inventory Management System makes ordering a comfortable process that allows:

  • Manual Administration
  • Inventory Creation - new products and reorders
  • Inventory edits and deletions
  • Inventory import/export
  • Feed website with in-stock / approximate delivery time information