E-Commerce Best Practices and Up-Selling

E-Commerce Best Practices and Up-Selling

Up-selling is a sales technique commonly used by vendors to ingeniously encourage their customers to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, and add-ons in attempt to make a more profitable sale. Up-selling usually involves marketing more profitable services or products but can also be simply exposing the customer to other options that were perhaps not considered previously. For instance, if a customer was looking to purchase a certain product, a salesperson may try to convince you to buy the accessories for it whether you need it or not. When a customer is looking to make an online purchase, the webpage will feature accessories that the customer can purchase along with that item.

 With Adrecom’s essential marketing features like alternative products, special offers, up-selling and discount codes, we give our customers all the help they need with their shopping experience, keeping them happy, increasing their conversion rate and helping their business to flourish. We believe that a good e-commerce website should begin with a product catalogue that is easy to locate and quick to navigate.

 One of several Adrecom’s e-commerce suiteassists our customers in upgrading their website to incorporate essential up- selling tactics. When it comes to up-selling, our customers can share information about their company to friends or interested shoppers. That way, they will find a more natural rhythm for sharing benefits. We listen to responses that our customer has, concerns, body language etc. We also ask them what they do or do not like about websites which gives us insight on how to improve our up-selling tactics on our own site. Finally, we assess and make improvements when and if necessary. The best way to learn to sell better is to dialog, listen and act.

Assessing a customer’s needs is also a fundamental aspect when it comes to up-selling.  Customers generally don’t appreciate being pushed into buying products they don’t need.  Assessing a customer’s needs and potential wants is a large part making a good sale. Customer satisfaction is our priority. With Adrecom’s Front End e-commerce solution, we make sure to keep in mind that we want our customer to walk away with the best possible product, to fit as many needs as we can fill, and with the best experience we can provide. Sometimes our customers will flat out tell us what they want; others will subconsciously expect us to know what they want based on their previous purchases and information.

Demonstration Usage can be effective when it comes to up-selling. By demonstrating and giving the customer an experience with the product will increase the value of a product in the mind of the purchaser. Adrecom helps their customers accomplish this through using our e-commerce software suite allowing our customers to upload informative videos, slide shows, and galleries among other things. The more product information our customers have available to the customer will increase certainty, which is the result of usage tactics.

Checkout Up-Selling is a technique commonly used by shoppers when making an online purchase. Adrecom’s e-commerce Back End enables e-retailers to keep track of their customer’s online purchases. Customers can also search for specific items they wish to purchase. Using a shopping cart that allows retailers to integrate their efforts is one of the easiest ways to successfully cross-sell and upsell their items. This is generally more effective, because users are already making a purchase. Before finalizing their purchases, customers can explore other products and compare prices. There are several different shopping carts that offer this ability, and many of them are open source or free to use. Adrecom’s e-commerce suite program allows you to promote additional products in this way.

Pocket Up-Selling is reserved knowledge that your sales associates have regarding the products and promotions you offer that will aid you in pulling out the best up-sell option for the customer’s needs. This sales technique refers to a unique offer based on the products or services the customer has already committed to purchasing.  Adrecom’s e-commerce suite often utilizes pocket up-selling by using algorithms to determine the unique product that a potential customer might be interested in. This is also why it is important for your marketing and customer service team to interact, as the deals the marketing team is pushing can be relayed to the customer service team.

We use these up-selling techniques in our customer’s next website redesign which can potentially increase sales and customer loyalty. Adrecom  e-commerce website is packed with features for the customer:

  • Easy, intuitive product and category navigation
  • A straightforward shopping basket
  • A quick, secure checkout
  • Easy selection of product options
  • Discount codes
  • Special offers
  • As many pages of information as you like, to inform and reassure your customers

As a business owner, you need to know that your sales management can be quick and effective, so we offer:

  • Easy to use product management
  • Easy to use order processing
  • Quick setup of upselling (optional extras) and cross-selling (alternative products)
  • Advanced tax management, including charging tax per variation of a single product
  • Advanced SKU code management
  • Full stock management of real products
  • Sage integration