Products Bundles - A Clever Catalog Strategy


The Bundle feature is a feature central to Adrecom's E-commerce Suite that allows an e-catalog owner to display products that are comprised of several products from the existing catalog.


The standard e-catalog product is an individual product. However, in almost every industry it is possible to purchase a series of related products in one complete package, known as a Bundle. Bundles are created based on thoroughly-researched and well-documented shopping patterns and customer preferences.

Bundles are a group of products in your catalog sold together as one item. Like with Related Products, these products are clearly related to one another and complement or enhance usage of the base product. The difference is that they are purchased as one unit together. For example, Lobster's Elite Grand V LE is a bundle made of several products, all listed in tandem.



There are several ways to organize your bundles in the Back Office and present them in the Front Office, or front end. One way is to utilize the Bundles application in the back end to create and describe
bundles, which is done almost exactly like creating products, i.e., naming the title and providing basic and required information. You can then select any number of products you want (typically done within reason and including 3 or 4 products) to comprise that bundle. After making the bundle(s) you can decide whether you want them to be contained throughout your e-catalog along with all products by assigning them to existing product categories, or conversely you can create a specific category for bundles only. Depending on your goals, this can be a wise alternative; some products are understood as inherently including several products in one and  might not necessarily be seen as a bundle. However, if you want to advertise a bundle as such in terms of a promotion or discount, it’s wise to create a category for bundles.