B2B Web Presence Renovation


At Adrecom, we service a variety of customers in both the B2C (standard business-to-customer model) and B2B (business-to-business) categories. We have carefully and specifically developed the features and applications found in our Back Office to satisfy the business needs of both types of customers. What is largely true about B2B transactions, however, is that their orders and purchases typically involve a larger amount of raw materials. Such companies can make ideal use of our distributor and wholesaler portal, which comes with a tiered pricing model so we have designed our system to make such tiered pricing models and other essential B2B applications plainly visible on the front end as areas of focus.

For example, Safety Idesco provides locks and lock-related items, but one of its areas of focus is its safety signs. This is a great example of the type of B2B transactions that Adrecom facilitates because, generally speaking, safety signs are sold from business to business and in relatively large quantities. Tiered pricing allows business interested in making sign purchases what quantity discounts are available for them.

In the image to the left, Caution: Trip Hazard (With Symbol) Safety Idesco’s sign is set at a base price of $9.50 between 1 and 5 items, and at $7.25 for 25 signs and above. Furthermore, Safety Idesco has an e-catalog containing an order of 2,000 products, the majority of which are set with tiered pricing quantity discounts. On the back end, our user platform is as well equipped with bulk export and import capabilities for quick and easy manipulation of large amounts of information at virtually the same time.

The goal is to create a viable and working bridge between the Back End and the Front End. Adrecom integrates a high level of quote management capability that allows sales representatives and dealers to establish pricing quotes and store them in the Back Office while making them visible to customers who sign in to their accounts or contact the company directly. For example, Safety Idesco’s Best Sellers product category contains a relatively large quantity of products whose prices are only available for members who directly contact the company through the provided number. Such a setting is available through the Back End and template configurations.

Another example is Quality Scrub Sets’ shipping calculator, located conveniently on the product purchase page. Other promotions, such as coupon code discounts, can be made available on this and other pages as well.

Our goal is to give your site a solid and powerful web presence when it comes to B2B. To this end we make the final step of the business administrator’s transaction, the purchase, as quick and easy as possible. We provide out-of-the-box virtual POS capability designed to make your entire purchasing experience hassle-free.