Adrecom's Membership Management Solutions


While Adrecom’s Solutions and Services for Nonprofits & Associations provides highly organized yet flexible content management opportunities, we as well offer advanced portal solutions for non-profit organizations and associations. Our CMS allows membership-based organizations to manage a high volume of members using our practical technology-oriented platform. Administrators can manage member accounts, online registrations, dues collection and donations and online event management and registrations, to name a few, just by logging into the system. For more complex or customized changes our technical team is available to offer advice to clients or to implement the changes on your behalf. 

Member Account Management

One of the most central aspects of member account management is an organized and easy-to-use member directory displaying member contact information and customized buttons for direct e-mail contact, such as with the United States Coaches Association (USCA). Member information is stored as individual items in the Customer feature, a module of our larger Customer Relations Management module. From here administrators or our team can add new members, edit information pertaining to existing ones and delete members on a request basis.


Online Registration and Forms

Our CRM section as well includes a sophisticated online form module designed for the creation of various and customizable online forms. Once created, the forms are stored in our template platform and can be edited upon need. This module was as well designed to notify the site owner by email when a front end user has filled out a form. Confirmation messages can as well be edited using built-in feature buttons, such as the gray edit message button in the image below.


Dues Collection and Donations

Site administration and the Adrecom team can affect due payments and donations via our Make Payments and Donation Recipients features in the Back Office, as well a part of our CRM module. Dues collections uses the standard dues collection fill out forms whereby administration enters basic user information such as address, phone number, method of payment and credit card number, and donation recipients are organized by name.


Online Event Management

Our online event management module offers a variety of features designed to effectively run an event or series of events in an organized manner.

As always, Adrecom offers highly flexible solutions to its front end users. Using the Online Event Management module our clients can personalize and manage the information displayed about their event, highlight speakers, display a calendar and most importantly, allow potential attendees to register for the event.


Chapter Administration

Chapter Administration refers to the different industry chapters, or categories, of associations that a site administers to. Adrecom has employed several different solutions for chapter administration, such as the search feature shown in the following image.

Our portal solutions were designed with flexibility and customization in mind, allowing us to present information using different conceptual structural models. The image below from one of our client’s websites displays an alternative way to display chapter administration information.

Accounting System Integration into QuickBooks and Peachtree

Adrecom uses QuickBooks and Peachtree, gateway financial accounting applications for businesses, in order to track sales, receive customer payments and create professional invoices. Account information recorded, such as name, email and user type (customer, affiliate, distributor or merchant) are stored in the CRM section of the Back Office under Registered Users. This feature also includes automatically generated invoicing and required payments.


Marketing and Collaborations Aspect

The Adrecom’s CorporatePortal was also designed with marketing and collaboration functionality in mind. To this end we also provide:

  • Newsletter capability with mailing list management and tracking
  • Online store and marketplace integration
  • Built-in instant messaging for member-to-member communication
  • Job board and classified section for members
  • Gift certificate, discount and participation reward programs


Content Management

Finally, Adrecom as well boasts a sophisticated, flexible and intuitive clear platform to easily and instantly make changes to your site. Using our rich editor you can create written page content, news stories, blog posts, all of which can be fully integrated with individual images and galleries, videos and podcast modules. Media galleries can be assigned per event or set of events and you can as well embed offsite content via RSS feed integration to expand your textual content base.

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