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Adrecom Portal System Requirements

  • General file system requirements:
    • Application should have sufficient file permissions to create files and directories on disk
  • Web-Server: Apache 2.2 including following modules and configurations:
    • secure URL is available (https://) (not via pxory)
    • secure certificate installed on the same domain for e-commerce and other security-sensitive modules
    • mod_rewrite available via .htaccess (required for SEO)
    • php settings can be overwritten (via .htaccess or custom php.ini file depending on server configuration).
  • Database Server MySQL version 5.0.51 or higher with following permissions enabled for the application:
    • MySQL not set up in a safe mode
    • MySQL user has a full access to the database
    • MySQL user has sufficient permissions to create triggers, stored procedures, load files etc (including FILE and SUPER privileges)
  • PHP v. 5.2.6 including following modules and configurations:
    • PHP is not set up in a safe mode
    • PHP modules: pcre, mysql, mysqli, openssl, CURL, GD v.2 (with Jpeg, Gif and Png support)
    • SOAP module (for FedEx and QuickBooks integration)
    • PHP registered streams should include: http and https
    • PEAR modules: Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer-beta, OLE-beta, xls_reader
    • Mbstring (for multilingual solutions only)
    • upload_max_filesize set to value appropriate for the application needs
    • Sufficient permissions to configure the following settings via .htaccess file and/or within application:
      • global variables flag set to Off (for security reasons)
      • short_open_tag is ON
      • magic_quotes_gpc and magic_quotes_runtime disabled
      • pcre.backtrack_limit and pcre.recursion_limit
  • Zend Optimizer v. 3 or higher for PHP 5 (obfuscation level 3 should be supported).
  • SMTP should be available for e-mail confirmations
  • Following is required for application installation/upgrade and maintenance:
    • SSH shell access with bash shell, gzip, gunzip, tar, mysql and mysqldump available
    • phpmaydmin v. or higher installed
    • FTP access