Solutions and Services for Nonprofits & Associations

    Adrecom's Content Management System offers exceptional content management and portal solutions for non-profit organizations that require an easy-to-use system that meets their website needs. Geared towards non-technical staff members, the platform can be utilized to make quick changes to the website just by logging into it. Our platform gives our clients the ability to quickly post a blog, edit an online calendar, add inventory, and to make many other changes instantly - usually in less time than it would take to email a webmaster instructions for the intended change. For more complicated page alterations our technical staff is available to advise our clients or to implement the changes in a timely manner.

    Among our offerings for both large and small associations are:

    Membership and participation management

    • Member account management
    • Online registrations, dues collection and donations
    • Online even management and registrations
    • Searchable member's directories with public and private profiles
    • Chapter's administration
    • Integration for accounting system synchronization into QuickBooks, Peachtree
    • Auto - generated invoicing and requiring payments.

    Content, Event and Media management

    • A clear platform to make instant site changes
    • Pre-build articles, news, media galleries and podcasts modules
    • Embed offsite content via RSS feed integration
    • Blog management
    • Personalized groups and chapter mini sites
    • Upcoming event calendar, announcement and past event archive
    • Event participation, sponsorship and scheduling administration
    • Assign media galleries per event or group of events
    • Set member only access security site section or content set.

    Marketing and Collaborations

    • Newsletters with mailing list management and tracking
    • Build in instant messaging for member to member communications
    • Online store and marketplace integration
    • Gift certificate, discounts and participation reward programs
    • Job board and classified section for members

    Discussions forum

    • Interactive survey, ask questions and voting
    • Engage others via Tell-a-Friend system