B2B eCommerce

Multi-Channel e-Commerce Automation

Commerce has shifted dramatically over the last five years from traditional offline mechanisms to Internet-based transactions. With the cost of conducting online transactions steadily falling to a fraction of what it was, reaching millions of customers is increasingly attainable.

Adrecom-powered websites enable business owners to create an online presence that is both search-engine friendly and capable of converting casual visitors into buyers — in just a few clicks. Because the Internet is in many respects a “global mall,” efficiently engaging those looking for what you sell is critical to securing the sale.

Adrecom’s clients are typically mid-size b2b enterprises struggling with legacy e-commerce platforms they’ve outgrown — some have limited or no e-commerce capability, or a very old online sales set up.  

In all these cases our clients need to secure comprehensive b2b e-commerce functionality to improve or maintain their competitive posture, maximize growth potential, and improve administrative control and efficiency.


Specifically engineered for b2b e-commerce, Adrecom’s platform is distinguished by its capabilities:

  • Optimizes business processes, securely.
  • Delivers strategic advantages and cost savings.
  • Easily handles any level of complexity or routine.
  • Offers a first-rate range of high-use features to facilitate sales processes.
  • Interfaces readily with other systems.
  • Highly customizable, including customer-specific configurability.
  • Supports unlimited customer types.
  • Customers and Sales Reps can place orders any time, from any place.
  • Dramatically outperforms generic b2b packages.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Distributor and wholesaler self-service portal with tiered pricing and quick purchase order and payment options.
  • Profile management ability to create and maintain sub-accounts with master-user functionality.
  • B2B buyer's registrations, approval and account settings with personalized confirmations.
  • Quote Management capability for dealers and sales representatives to create quotes, manage them in system’s back end, and make them accessible to customers through their accounts.
  • Customer Shipping Configurations such as flat-rate shipping, free shipping, or table-based rate schedules.
  • Out-of-the-box virtual POS capability and phone-ordering automations.
  • Automatic orders and customer-account synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks and Sage Act accounting systems.
  • Ready-to-go web services and EDI-based integration with orders fulfillment, ERP and CRM systems.