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Frequently Asked Questions

How will social media sites integrate with our needs?

  • We will use registration with Facebook and LinkedIn to simplify user registration process.
  • Data feeds from Facebook book and Twitter on main site have to be available considering that Facebook and Twitter will be set up for the site.
  • Selected content especially even promotions can be shared from site to social media sites. 

Did Adrecom e-commerce and content management solution include e-mails marketing?

  • As part of the CRM module, our system provides mailing list management capabilities, export/ import of mailings list.
  • Digital assets management option enable manage, store and reuse digital media across all web sites elements. We are not providing mass mailing options due to email delivery concerns related to IP abuse. We find that working through mailers like ActiveCampaign and ConstantContact increase deliverability rates as they negotiate with multiple ISP’s to improve delivery. And we can integrate with the mailers for synchronization purposes.
  • However all emails components   can be stored, edited, and exported from  the system to mailing software.

What are the Benefits of Using Adrecom for my Business Solutions?

Some of the benefits you'll get with Adrecom web content management system facilitated user content generation, consistency and accuracy with central management for multiple site, multilingual staff, streamlined business process management via unifying information and applications, increased productivity from web teams and encourage content reuse, leveraged investments in existing enterprise content.

Does Adrecom e-commerce platform Make Use of Affiliate and Channel Partner Marketing Solutions?

Yes, we offer the promotional ability to process affiliate and distributor applications, automatically calculate commissions and configure simple payments terms while checking out processes for different channels, in effect creating a private storefront.

Can I Upload Thousands of Products at a Time?

Yes, the Back Office is equipped with the technology that allows you to import products by bulk rather than manually entering one at a time.

Does Adrecom Help me with my Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Absolutely, we help your customers find you by optimizing every webpage for spidering with our SEO-friendly eCommerce Solution. We offer our customers the option of providing META tags for their content entry in order to assist in increasing your page rank and making your site more prominent.

Is it Difficult to Assign Very Specific Tags on My Category and Product Display Pages?

It is very easy to assign specific tags to your category and product display pages, not to mention all other content. Simply fill out the fields titled Tags for each product or content media, which will appear in a tag cloud.

Can I Sell downloadable products through your platform?

Yes, Adrecom e-commerce solution enables you to sell downloadable products through our platform much like you would sell any other product, such as software programs, and several of our clients sell this type of product.

Can I Change the Order in which Content Entries Appear?

Yes, changing the order in which content entries appear is rather simple. When you create an entry (such as a blog post or video), each entry is automatically assigned an index number. Each new entry is assigned a number higher than the previous. To change the appearance order of entries simply change the index number and view the website to see the changes. Make sure to click Save or Update to save your changes.

In some versions of the Back Office, new entries are assigned index numbers in intervals of ten. This gives you more flexibility when assigning index numbers. For example, since the index number of a new entry is ten higher than the previous, you have room for 9 entries in between those two. See the How to Upload a Video tutorial for information on this topic and scroll to 3:10 (3 minutes and 10 seconds) into the video.